MAD Film Review


Film: MAD
Banner; Modela talkies;Rating: 3.25/5
Release date 6/08/2021

Madhav Chilukuri, Spandana Palli, Rajith Ragav, and Swetha Varma played the primary lead jobs. Lakshan Myneni coordinated this film and T Venugopal Reddy, B Krishna Reddy bankrolled it. The film was released on 6th August 2021.

Maddy (Madhav Chilukuri) and Aravind (Rajith Raghav) are both old buddies. Maddy is a Rich person yet PlayBoy. In the event that he longing for the girls, everyone turns to him. Aravind is Bindass and appreciates Maddy’s conversation. To satisfy his Parents, Maddy gets married to Madhuri (Spandana Palli). Madhuri is a normal young lady, She lives in her own reality. She keeps away from Maddy from the very beginning. At last, the two of them apply for Divorce. What pushed them to take that step? How did their relationship progress? forms the film’s story. There is also another story progressing between two more characters. How did it end? gives the story.

Every one of the entertainers, Madhav Chilukuri, Spandana Palli, Rajith Ragav, and Swetha Varma, lived in their jobs. Madhav is acceptable in his job. He performed well. Rajith Raghav will engage everybody with his ordinary acting style. His exhibition and portrayal will be one of the significant features. Spandana Palli glances simply at her job and she conveyed her job easily. Swetha Varma’s job will be impressive. She will bait youth crowds with her heartfelt scenes. Character entertainer Appaji did a promising job and Others did as required.

As the movie is a heartfelt performer, the background score is a significant feature, and Music directr Mohith Rahmaniac nailed it. The Songs are acceptable and the foundation score will keep us in lock-in. The Locations are quite exceptional. The exchanges will make us passionate. Creation esteems are high and Locations look extravagant. The story is standard however screenplay is impressive too. The love story has been established well between the lead actors. An interesting story has been conveyed in a very impressive way. Both are stories are simply stunning. Crowd will wind up in these four characters. It’s a Beautiful film with all the impressive elements.

Plus Points:
Camera Work

Minus Points:
Few lags
Some predictable drama

Final Verdict: MAD is an impressive film with an interesting story