Yamadheera Movie Review


Film;Yama Dheera
Artists; Kamal Kumar, Sreesanth (cricketer), Rishika Sharma, Nagababu, Ali, Satya Prakash, Madhu Sudan and others.
Produced by: Sri Mandiram Productions
Camera is by; Rosh Mohan Karthik.
Dialouges and lyrics: Varadaraj Chikkaballapura
Editing: C Ravichandran
Music: Varun Unni
Produced by; Vedala Srinivas Rao
Story and Direction:R.Shankar
PRO: Madhu VR
Release dat; 23/3/2024
Moviemanthra.com ;Rating; 3/5

Yamadheera’s film is a political drama, based on the story of EVM tampering

KP Gautam (Komal Kumar) is a senior police officer. Facing injustice as a senior police officer, he gets transferred and becomes the Commissioner of Vizag. There, while re-opening and solving the mysterious death case of a young man, Azhar learns that Deshmukh (cricketer Sreesanth), who is in the country of Baijan, He kills the young man. Similarly, Deshmukh becomes CM by tampering EVMs. Did Gautam solve the case with the support of his boss Nagababu or not? What is Deshmukh’s connection with the murder? How did you deal with Deshmukh as CM? To know this, you need to watch the film.

Komal Kumar plays the lead role in the film. The action sequences have been done very well. Cricketer Srikanth is playing a crucial role in the film. Rishika Sharma has done a good job. Ali’s performance in the role of a dumb man is amazing. Nagababu, Madhusudhan Rao, Satya Prakash and Prithviraj played the lead roles in the film.

Technical aspects:
The film is a Telugu remake of a Kannada film. Vedala Srinivasa Rao is producing the film on Sri Mandiram Productions banner.Movie made with good technical values Rosh Mohan Karthik is good as the DOP. The background music by Varun Unni is the highlight of the film. Shankar’s direction is very good. Varadaraj Chikkaballapura’s dialogues are very powerful.

The plus points:
The film stars Rishika Sharma, Komal Kumar, Nagababu, Madhusudan Rao and Satya Prakash in pivotal roles.
Cricketer Sreesanth plays a character with negative shades
Ali comedy
Directed by R Shankar
Mother sentiment, political drama
Action sequences

The minus points:Log Scenes
Sreesanth is a little short scenes

Punch Line ; Yamadheera is a good commercial entertainer that will make people aware about the tampering of EVMs during the election time