Kaliyugam Patnamlo review: It’s a film with a different angle


Movie; Kaliyugam Pattanamlo

Artists;Vishwa Karthikeya.Aayushi Patel

Directed by; Ramkanth Reddy,

Produced by;Dr. Kandula Chandra Obul Reddy, G. Maheshwar Reddy and Katam Ramesh.

Music; Ajay

Cinematography by; Charan

Release date;29/3/2024

Moviemanthra.com;Rating; 3/5

‘Kaliyugam Pattanamlo ‘movie review: Vishwa Karthikeya and Aayushi Patel in a still from the film Let’s take a look at how the film fared today.

Vishwa Karthikeya and Aayushi Patel are playing the lead roles in the film. (kaliyugam pattanamlo). Directed by Ramakanth Reddy, the film has been produced by Nani under the banner of Nani Movie Works. The film is produced by Dr. Kandula Chandra Obul Reddy, G. Maheshwar Reddy and Katam Ramesh. The film was released today (March 29). And how is the movie? Let’s see how much it impresses the audience.

Nandyala Mohan (Devi Prasad) and Kalpana (Roopa Lakshmi) are family friends.their sons born twins Vijay (Vishwa Karthikeya) and Sagar (Vishwa Karthikeya). Both of these kids have different personalities. Vijay is afraid of blood. Sagar is happy with the psycho qualities. Sagar is sent to a mental hospital as a child, saying that if he goes out of the game, it will be a problem for the society. On the other hand, Shravani (Ayushi Patel) falls in love with Vijay’s goodness in college. The wild animals are hunted down and killed. In these circumstances, a police officer (Chitra Shukla) comes to stop the horrors happening in Nandyal. What did she find? Who is better between Vijay and Sagar? Who’s bad? Are they connected to the riots? And how did the story end? To know, you have to watch the film.

Performance of the actors:

Vishwa showed his variations in the roles of Vijay and Sagar. As a good guy, he showed two variations like a psycho. Action, drama, dance and all that stuff. Ayushi Patel plays the female lead in the film. Chitra Shukla acted in her own way. Narain excelled in his role. Devi Prasad, Anish Kuruvilla and Roopa Lakshmi are playing crucial roles in the film. Each character is tailor-made for the role.

The story and analysis:

Director Ramakanth Reddy took a good point for the town of Kaliyugam and weaved the story. He created magic on the silver screen by raising doubts whether crime stories can be shown in this angle as well. It is good that the first half of the film is gripping and every twist is revealed in the second half. His screenplay was relatively new. Compared to the first half, the pace of the second half of the film has slowed down, but the plan is to keep the average viewer hooked by rewinding each of the twists. Climax twists and the story for the second part is good. How should parents take care of their children? How not to increase. What is the impact of parenting on society? Items were shown to the eye.

Ajay’s music is a big plus for the film. Cinematography by Charan is good. Technically amazing. Words make you think. The live locations make the frames look very natural. The build values are ok.

Finally: This is a film that reflects today’s society