Chandini Chowdary Leads ‘Yevam’: A Gripping Tale of Women’s Empowerment”


Renowned director Prakash Dantuluri unveils the first poster of his latest film, “Yevam,” featuring Chandini Chowdary in a powerful police uniform. With the tagline “Aadapillane Ayithe Yentantaa?” The film promises to challenge societal norms and celebrate the strength of women.

Produced by Navadeep and Pavan Goparaju, in collaboration with C Space Productions and PDP, “Yevam” is set to be a cinematic milestone. With music by Keertana Sesh and Neelesh Mandalapu, and the stage is set for an unforgettable journey of empowerment.

Stay tuned as Chandini Chowdary leads the charge in “Yevam,” redefining what it means to be a woman in a world of expectations and limitations.

Technicians List :

Actors :Chandini Chowdary,Vasishta simha,Jai Bharat Raj,Ashu reddy,Goparaju Ramana,DeviPrasad,Kalpalatha, Anie
Producer : Navdeep, Pavan Goparaju
Prakash Dantuluri
Cinematographer : S.V. Vishweshwar
Music Directors: Keertana Sesh,Neelesh Mandalapu
Editor: Sujana Adusumilli
Executive Producers : Raju Penumathsa
PRO : EluruSreenu – MaduriMadhu