Review – Kathanam


Film: Kathanam
Cast: Anasuya Bharadwaj, Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore, Dhanraj and others
Directed by: Rajesh Nadendla
Produced by: Battepati Narendra Reddy and Sarma Chukka
Music By: Roshan Salur
Editor: SB Udhav
Genre: Crime Thriller
Language: Telugu rating: 3/5

Anu (Anausya) is an aspiring writer who wants to become a director one day. She writes a scrpt and finds some mysterious resemblances to the murders happening in the city. What is it about? What did she do then? What happened in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

Anasuya conveys the film totally on her shoulders. She had two shades to depict and Anasuya played out her job convincingly. Her appearance as a cutting edge woman is decent however the manner in which she pulled off a customary job in the subsequent half is similarly great. The interim square is connecting with and the anticipation factor is taken care of well during this time. Star entertainer, Vennela Kishore attempted his best to bring out great snickers with his normal jokes in the primary half. One more humorist, Dhanraj gets a protracted job where he completed a good occupation. After quite a while, on-screen character Randhir gets a substantial job. The other actors are good in their roles.

Technical Aspects:
Executive Rajesh Nadendla prevailing to a degree recorded as a hard copy a decent screenplay which has a couple of rushes. In any case, his story is a normal vengeance show. A couple of social exchanges which come in the second 50% of the film are composed pleasantly. The editing by SB Uddhav and cinematography by Satish Mutyala are average. Music by Roshan Salur is pleasant as his experience score for critical scenes in locks in. Generation esteems for this restricted spending film are great.

Plus Points:
Camera Work

Minus Points:
Slow Pace
Dragged Scenes

In any case, in the principal half, an excessive amount of time is spent on wet jokes highlighting him that moderate the film very much impressively. Also the impressive RR and attractive VFX adds the interest to watch the movie and it elevates the story perfectly. Though the movie is like so many old films and the ones we have already seen, the makers did their best to come up with something interesting. The story is good and the direction is nice. All in all, it has to be checked whether the film gets pace in the subsequent half or if the film’s story and how the audiences are going to take it. On the whole, the movie impresses big time.

Punch Line: Kathanam is Highly Intriguing with Thrilling Elements