Gangster Is an Interesting Drama: Kajal Aggarwal I


Kajal Aggarwal is the trending heroines in South film industry now. The actress is currently busy with the promotions of the movie Ranarangam. The film is releasing on 15th of this month. The actress interacted with the media today and Kajal spoke a lot of things about the movie. The following is some excerpts from the interview.

Are you playing a doctor in the film?
Yes. I am. I am coming in the second half. This is not my film totally and I will not be seen for much of a runtime. Since I liked the film, I went ahead and was a part of the project.

Why did you do this movie?
The story of the movie is very much gripping. I am doing a lot of movies which are draining out my energy. Hence, I want to take a break from such movies, I signed this film. I take the story forward.

Tell us about the production.
They were incredible. They left no stone unturned to get a grand look for the movie. They did everything they can do to make the gangster drama look brilliant. They did a fabulous job and it was a professional team.

Are you doing a movie with director Teja?
I would readily do the movie with him if he comes up with any interesting project.

When are you joining Bharateeyudu 2?
I am eagerly waiting to join the shoot of the movie.