Review: Joruga Husharuga


Movie Name : Jorugaa Husharugaa
Producers : Nireesh Thiruveedula
Banners : Shikhara & Akshara Arts LLP
Cast : Viraj Ashwin, Pujita Ponnada
Supporting Cast : Sonu Thakur, Siri Hanumanthu, Madhunandan, Sai Kumar, Rohini, Brahmaji
Director : Anu Prasad
Music : Praneeth Muzic
Editor : Marthand K Venkatesh
Cinematographer : Mahi Reddy Pandugula
Production Controller : Theja Thiruveedhula
DI : Annapurna Studios
Colorist : Koti
Audio : Aditya Music;Rating: 3/5

Viraj Ashwin, acclaimed for his role in the movie “Baby,” takes the lead alongside Telugu actress Pujita Ponnada in the latest film directed by newcomer Anu Prasad, titled “Joruga Husharuga.” The movie, featuring a cast including Siri Hanumanth, Madhunandan, Sai Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Sonu Thakur, Rohini, and Brahmaji, hit theaters today, December 15.

The narrative revolves around Santosh (Viraj Ashwin), an employee at Anand’s (Madhunandan) office. Things take an unexpected turn when Santosh’s lover, Nitya (Poojita Ponnada), joins the office as a team leader without informing him. In an attempt to conceal their relationship from colleagues and the risk of job loss, Santosh urges Nitya to keep their love affair a secret. Meanwhile, Anand, who is unmarried and pining for love, becomes the object of affection for Suchitra (Siri Hanumanth) in the office. Santosh, in a misguided attempt, endeavors to bring Anand and Suchitra together, believing it will lead to a salary hike. However, complications arise as Anand mistakes Nitya for Santosh’s love interest. Simultaneously, Santosh’s father (Sai Kumar), a handloom worker in another village, awaits his son’s repayment of a 20-lakh debt. The film unfolds the fate of Santosh’s love story, whether Suchitra confesses her feelings to Anand, and if Santosh’s father manages to clear the debt.

Regarding the performances, Viraj Ashwin delivers a commendable acting performance but could enhance his dance skills and expressions. Poojita Ponnada leaves an impression with her acting prowess and beauty. Sonu Thakur captivates briefly with her beauty, while Madhunandan, Rajesh Khanna, and Brahmaji contribute to the film’s comedic elements. Siri Hanumanth shines in her role as the innocent girl, and Sai Kumar and Rohini’s characters resonate with emotion for a brief period.

Technical Aspects:
On the technical front, the film boasts good camera visuals and production values. The background music is satisfactory, but the songs are deemed average. While the storyline holds promise, a more refined screenplay could have elevated the overall experience.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Few boring scenes

The movie’s analysis reveals that the first half predominantly comprises love scenes between Viraj and Poojita in the office, interspersed with comedic office sequences, and the secrecy surrounding the lead couple’s relationship. Viraj’s parents, portrayed by Sai Kumar and Rohini, are introduced, injecting a bit of familial emotion. The initial half may be perceived as somewhat lackluster. The narrative takes a twist at the interval, as Madhunandan introduces confusion regarding Anand’s feelings. The second half unfolds with the hero’s attempts to reconcile Anand and Suchitra, juxtaposed with the unspoken love between the main characters and the emotional dynamics between father and son in the village. The concluding half-hour injects humor and a touch of emotion. “Joruga Husharuga” attempts to blend a love story with elements of father sentiment, incorporating a touch of confusion to entertain audiences.

Punchline: Impressive romantic drama with family elements