Khaidi Movie Review


Film ; Khaidi

Presents; Satya sai Arts

Produced by ;SR Prakash Babu,SR Babu,Tiruppur Vivek

Directed by ; Lokesh Kanagaraj

Music by Sam CS

Cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan

Dream Warrior Pictures and Vivekanand Films are extravagant.

Release date 25/10/2019 Rating 3.25/5

Karthi who adores content-situated motion pictures has at last thought of another such motion picture titled as ‘Kaithi’. The motion picture likewise got discharged in Telugu as ‘Khaidi’. The mystery and trailer itself has expanded the desires on the film, and Karthi played an alternate sort of job when contrasted with his past movies. In the midst of good desires, the film has at long last made it to the theaters today on October 25, 2019. Here is the review of the film.

The whole story occurs in a night. Dilli (Karthi) is an outstanding detainee. One day Dilli, who urgently needs to meet his little girl just because, escapes from the jail. Yet, shockingly, Dilli engages in a battle between a medication Mafia and Police. What occurred between the police and medication Mafia? Did Dilli meet his little girl? What happened that night shapes the remainder of the story.

Karthi is unquestionably the foundation of this film as his fabulous exhibition wound up one of the significant features of the film. We can say that Karthi is the show stealer of this film and conveys the whole motion picture without anyone else shoulders. When contrasted with his past motion pictures, Karthi’s presentation in this film is exceptional. Narain’s lively exhibition likewise added more solidarity to the film. George Maryan revives his character. The manner in which he slips into the job merits increasing in value. Ramana and Dheena conveyed legitimate exhibitions in the motion picture.

Technical Aspects:
Executive Lokesh Kanagaraj took care of the content in a genuinely entrancing manner. He has treated the story well and displayed it engagingly. Every single wind in the film is marvelous and the full credit ought to go to chief Lokesh Kanagaraj for his style of story execution. Generation esteems by Dream Warrior Pictures and Vivekanand Films are extravagant. Music by Sam CS is remarkable. Particularly his BGM in the activity arrangements is entrancing. It raised the feelings truly well. Cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan has created some delightful visuals for the film. The editing by Phenomil Raj is perfect and flawless.

Camera work
Karthi Performance

Only thriller movie lovers will like it

The strong story ended up one of the greatest in addition to focuses for this film. The manner in which the executive has portrayed the story and treated it is truly astounding. Karthi itself is amazingly one of a kind and is truly testing. Be that as it may, notwithstanding setting up a mind boggling storyline and characters, the chief has prevailing with regards to making the film as connecting as could reasonably be expected. The primary portion of the motion picture is about the story foundation, while things take a significant amazing turn in the subsequent half. Every single scene’s depiction is excellent. Exhibitions, story, portrayal and music can be the in addition to purposes of this film. By and large, ‘Khaidi’ is certainly worth watching the film.

Punch Line: Khaidi is a unique suspense thriller