*Preity Mukhundhan Makes Grand Entry Alongside Vishnu Manchu in Epic Actioner ‘Kannappa’*


Amongst the most exciting productions from India on floors right now, Vishnu Manchu’s Kannappa is the one making waves. After an impactful first look, makers are now putting the spotlight on the talented debutante, Preity Mukhundhan, as she joins the cast of this magnum opus actioner. Stepping into the world of cinema, Preity’s casting is nothing short of a grand entry, as she shares screen space with none other than the acclaimed actor, Vishnu Manchu.

The casting process for the pivotal role Preity portrays was rigorous, with numerous auditions held to find the perfect fit for the character. After an exhaustive search, the filmmakers zeroed in on Preity Mukhundhan, recognizing her exceptional talent and the unique charm she brings to the table.Sharing screen space with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Vishnu Manchu, Mohanlal, and Prabhas, Preity steps into the limelight with seasoned performers, marking the beginning of what is sure to be a promising career.

Adding a touch of versatility, Preity Mukhundhan’s background as a Bharatnatyam dancer brings a unique artistic dimension to her character. The fusion of her dance expertise with the larger-than-life action sequences of ‘Kannappa’ promises to be a visual treat for the audience, elevating the overall cinematic experience.

Talking about it, Director Mukesh Kumar Singh says, “For Preity, this isn’t just initial steps into the film industry but a leap into the world of art and cinema and mostly learning. She was a perfect fit for the role and we look forward to working with her.”