Review – Grandhalayam


Movie: Grandhalayam
Release Date: 03.03.2023
Banner: Vaishnavi Sri Creations
Producer: Allanneni Ayyappa
Written and Directed by: Shivan Jampana
Cinematography: Samala Bhaskar
Starring: Vinnumaddipati, Smritaranibora, Kalakeyaprabhakar, Sonia Chowdhury, Alokjain, Jyotirana, Kashishinath, Dr. Bhadram, Mekaramakrishna, Parvathi, Siva, Sravani, Muralikrishna, Navyasarada, Narendra Naidu. Snehagapta and others
Music: Vardhan
Editor: Shekhar Pasupuleti
Background Music: Chinna;Rating: 3/5

The audience always appreciates films with content. Now, we have an interesting super-action thriller, which is titled Grandhalayam. Directed by Saisivan Jampana, the film features Vinnu Maddipati, Smritharanibora, Kalikeya Prabhakar, Kashivishwanath, Dr. Bhadram, and Soniachadari. The film is produced under the banner of Vaishnavi Sri Creations.

Not everyone can read a 1965 book in a library. But all those who tried to read after reading for three days. Grandhalayam revolves around a book in the library that is leading to deaths in the village. When Raja`s best friend Shiva dies, Raja decides to solve the mystery behind the book. Die. Until then, about 100 people will die after reading that book. Where did that book come from? Who brought that book there? The answers will be revealed in the film.

Vinnu Raja Harishchandra Krishna Prasad, the film’s hero, is a very good actor and did his best with his gestures. This is the second movie in which he acted very well. The heroine who played the role of Indumathi Vatsalya is a new girl, but it can be said that she impressed the audience with her performance. Kalakeya Prabhakar, who played the villain, is good. Sonia Chaudhary, Alokjain, Jyotirana, Kashi Vishwanath, Dr. Bhadram, Mekaramakrishna, Parvathy, Siva, Shravani, Muralikrishna, Navyasarada, Narendra Naidu. Snehagapta and others have done justice to the roles given to them.

Technical Aspects:
It can be said that the director Sai Shivan Jampana has succeeded in turning the dream story into a movie and turning it into a super action thriller to impress the audience with a reverse screenplay. The cinematography done by Samalabhaskar is a special attraction of this movie. Music director Vishnuvardhan has given good music for this movie. Chinna’s background score is also very good. Fights are very natural. Sekhar’s editing work is good. Vaishnavi Shree Creations banner does not hesitate to spend on the film and has good faith in the production values.

In the current situation, the audience favors movies with new content. Directors are also coming to the audience by selecting stories with new content unavailable until now according to the audience’s taste. Grandhalayam is one such film that is interesting as well as engaging. Coming as a super action thriller, this movie has brought a commercial suspense concept to the first-time audience and has all the elements required by the mass audience. Overall, the film Grandhalayalmcan be said to be a highly intense movie. This movie will entertain all the audience who come believing in this movie.

Punch Line: Grandhalayam is a commercially well-made suspense thriller