Review: Shaan – Love War Headline: A battle for honour


‘Shaan – Love War’, starring Kumar Yadav and Priya Chowdary in the lead, has Vangmayi Patel in a key role. Starring Johar as the antagonist, it is produced and helmed by Kumar Yadav. Here is our review of the box-office release:


Shivaji, a skilled engineer, is entrusted with a quarry by his father, a large-hearted Zamindar. Love blossoms between Shivaji and Sumangali. They lose no time in getting married. However, Jaggu Bhai, who is the epitome of greed, plots to murder Shivaji and seize control of the quarry. Shivaji loses his life, leaving Sumangali a widow. Despite threats from Jaggu Bhai, Sumangali bravely protects the quarry with the backing of villagers. She also raiess her son, Shaan, as a hero.

Cut to the present, Shaan and Sunayana, Jaggu Bhai’s daughter, are in love. The latter is unaware of her father’s sins. Seeking vengeance, Shaan confronts Jaggu Bhai. In a climactic showdown, Shaan wins eventually. He also ensures his mother’s safety and saves the future of the quarry.

Performances and Technical Departments:

The actors do their parts convincingly. Sometimes, the slightly amateurish execution drags down the performances, though. Overall, this is not a performance-centric film. So, the hiccups don’t matter.

Rama Srinivas’ cinematography is decent. Sachith Sai’s music could have been less loud. Editor Naresh Dorapally’s work is commendable.


The revenge element is quite old in our cinema. Commercial entertainers whose stories encompass two generations carry a certain ring to them.

‘Shaan’ comes with the caption ‘Love War’. From the caption, it is evident that the male lead poses a battle for the sake of what matters to him. Love means different things to different people. Director Kumar Yadav, who has not only produced the movie but also acted as the lead man, is sincere.

The film does have a few redundant portions that feel stretched out. The climax is decent and the overall experience is adequate.


‘Shaan’ is an impressive outing.;Rating:  3/5