Music Shop Murthy Review


Film;Music shop Murthy
casting: Ajay Ghosh, Chandini Chowdary, Amani, Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chander, Dayanand Reddy
Director: Siva Paladugu
MUSIC: Pawan
Producer: Harsha Garapati & Ranga Rao Garapati
Release date;14/6/2024;3.25/5

Music Shop Murthy Review | Ajay Ghosh is one of the few actors in the Telugu film industry who entertains with his own manners as a character artist and villain (Ajay ghosh). Chandini Chowdary is one of the top actresses in the film industry. What will be the combination of these two films? The same music shop (Music Shop Murthy).

Story;Music Shop Murthy (Ajay Ghosh) runs a music shop in Vinukonda of Guntur district. With the advent of the Internet and social media, music cassette buyers are living with their mic sets despite the drought. His wife (Aamani) wants to set up a cell phone repair shop with the money that comes from closing the shop. However, with his love for music, he continues to run the same shop even if he does not make a profit. If Murthy goes to a birthday party on one occasion and plays songs there, he does the same thing and takes lakhs. One suggests why you shouldn’t try it. However, Murthy wants to become a DJ with the intention of getting easy money. But who teaches in an area like Vinukonda? Anjana (Chandini Chowdary) gets acquainted at the right time. Being a DJ herself, she is subjected to many insults while teaching DJ to Murthy. On one occasion, when she suddenly goes missing, a kidnapping case is filed against Murthy. At that time, Murthy is outburst that his wife is against his dreams. But his wife wants him to leave the house. Murthy, who comes to Hyderabad without a shovel in his hand, starts trying to become a DJ. But is it really a ghost? How was the original lost? Are you finally back? What happened to the statue? To know this, you have to watch the film on the big screen.

Analysis: Ajay shines in the role of a man who has a music shop of his choice but is unable to run it or leave it due to changed circumstances. Actually, this is not a new story. There have been a few films in the past with the line that the hero who thinks he can do nothing, goes to perseverance and learns something that he has nothing to do with and excels at the state level. But this film is different. Because what was difficult to do in the 20s was not just done in the 50s. Age does not matter. Also, if you really love the work, how much respect the work gives, you have tried to show it in an interesting way on screen. Since the beginning of the film, it seemed like an attempt to take the film in a very pleasing mood without any vulgarity and vulgar comedy. They go to the theaters without any expectations and get lost in the story when the film starts. They took the lead in the second half without any major hiccups. However, after the second half, the entire film turns into an emotional mood. Though the first half of the film is entertaining, the second half of the film turns out to be a dud. The director has interestingly written the death of his wife when Murthy was at a good level after the way he grew up as a DJ. However, there is a major twist in the climax of the film. The director has taken the film a step further. There is no doubt that if the film had ended on a high, the result would have been different.

Performance of the actors:
Ajay Ghosh is playing the role of villain. The talk so far says that as a middle-class man of 50 years, he appeared in the lead role for the first time and scored good marks with the audience. A music shop on the other side. Ajay Ghosh’s performance as a DJ is the backbone of the film. Amani and Bhanuchander have done justice to their roles.

Punchline;Overall, this music shop idol is an honorable attempt. A decent entertainer with no vulgarity.