Neeye Dhaarey Neeye Katha Review


Film;Neeye Dhaarey Neeye Katha
MAIN CAST: Priyatham Mantini, Vijaya Vikranth, Anantha Padmasala, Anjana Balaji, Ved.
Director: Vamshi Jonnalagadda
MUSIC: Alberto Guerrioli
Producer: Vamshi Jonnalagadda, Tejesh Veera, Shailaja Jonnalagadda
Release date;14/6/2024;Rating.3/5

In recent times, if the concept is liked, the audience is not looking at whether it is a new film or a film rooted in the industry. Definitely support it. In this context, new people are also coming forward to take risks and make films. The film is directed by Vamsi Jonnalagadda. The trailer of the film has finally piqued the interest of the audience. And how is the movie? How did it impress the audience? Let’s take a look at the review.

Story;Arjun (Priyatham) runs a music band with his friends Rahul and Vijay. If the Indian Symphony Orchestra puts up a competition and wins it, then life is going to be set. While Arjun and Vijay make time for the band, Rahul takes up a software job and spends time with the band. However, he had to leave the team due to family reasons. At the same time, they meet Shruti (Anjana), who runs a music shop and runs a music school. Arjun gets a shocking news when he is preparing for the competition by taking her in his team. But what’s the big news? How did you react after hearing the news? Are they finally winning? Or not? What is the role of Arjun’s father? To know all this, you have to watch the film on the big screen.

Neeye Dhaarey Neeye Katha story seems to be different. But there is nothing special in this. There have been many such films in the past. What are you doing in society for a guy who wants to do what he likes in his career and stand in the same field? When to marry? How much is it The film is a journey of how the boy achieved his dream while struggling with such questions. In this film, the hero always wants to be known as a good musician. Even though his father is a millionaire, the director has been successful in bringing interesting situations to the screen that can not avoid the words of rivalry from relatives. In fact, while watching this film, Venkatesh Vasu is likely to feel like watching the film. But if it is a full-fledged commercial film, it seems that the film has tried to honor the point that there is no place for commercialism. He also seemed to have experimented with a variety of instruments. This film will be especially connected to those who have a musical touch as well as those who are struggling to achieve something in life by being confined to the same field. Though the first half was entertaining, the second half was full of emotions. But if the climax was as predictable and strong, the emotions would have connected.

As far as the actors are concerned, all of them are newcomers. Especially the hero’s love did not seem to matter at the first attempt. But the heroine’s role is not that strong. But it doesn’t matter. Suresh once again showed his matured performance as the hero’s father. Posani Krishna Murali appeared in a single scene but tried to laugh it off. Ajay also has a small role. All the other actors were impressive in their respective roles. As far as the technical aspects are concerned, it doesn’t seem to have worked on colour grading completely. Also, the cinematography could have been better. The music, however, helped the film’s narrative. The synch sound dubbing was good for some artists, but for others it was dull. It would be good to take care of that. It seemed like an honorable attempt was made in less locations. This is not his first film as director. Special attention was also paid to costumes.

In the end, this film is like a tribute to those who want to persevere and achieve in any field.