The Indianstory Movie Review


Film; the indian story;
Direction; R Rajashekar reddy,
Producer;Ram Bheem reddy,
excutive producers; janaki ramaraju,
Co producer;Kamalhasan pathruni,
Release date,3/5/2024.;Rating; 3/5

Casting: Raj Bheem Reddy, Zara Khan, Chammak Chandra, Mukhtar Khan, Rama Raju, Sameer, CVL Narasimha Rao, Anant

Films with a message are branded as art films. It’s called documentaries. It is very rare to impress the audience with these message-oriented films. Very few films are able to impress the audience with entertainment, commercial elements and a good message. ‘The Indian Story “is an entertaining film. The film stars Zara Khan and Raj Bheem Reddy in the lead roles.

What is the story
The Muslim community suffers from the feeling that it is a minority and therefore oppressed. The Hindu community feels that the majority of the population is being harmed by the lack of unity. These two groups are attacking each other. Muslims are led by Kabir Khan (Mukhtar Khan) and Hindus are led by Shriram (Ramaraju). Attacks on Hindus and Muslims are increasing under the leadership of these two leaders. Noticing this, a journalist named Raj (Raj Bheem Reddy) plans to put a full stop to religious hatred. There should be no conflict in the name of religion in the society. That’s what he did. Are you successful at your job? What is the surprising truth that he came to know about Kabir Khan and Sriram in this sequence. What is the character of Feku(chamak chandra)in this story? The rest of the story is whether Raj’s love with Ayesha (Zara Khan) is successful or not.

How is it

There are many people in politics who want their lives to be better. It is because of such leaders that the development of the society stops. Some leaders are inciting violence in the name of religion. The Indian Story is the story of two heroes. Shriram (Ramaraju), a leader of the Hindu community, starts a party named Shakti Sena. Kabir Khan entered politics as a member of the Muslim League. They are attacking in the name of religion and politics. Raj, a journalist, sets out on a plan to find out the reasons behind the murders. In this sequence, what he learns about Kabir Khan about Shriram will shock the audience. The background in which they were born and raised, the order in which they grew up, amazes. Directed by R Rajasekhar Reddy, the film has Raaj Kumar in the lead role. The story of the film is interesting with every character played by Rahman. It ended with a bang at the interval. The fun pastime goes with a seriousness from here. The film ends with a good message.

The message and seriousness continues in the story while being a comedy. No matter how much this story is shown, it is dangerous, that’s why the directors have made the film very carefully. The film only shows what they want to show. The film “The Indian Story” has given a good message that people should be vigilant against those who spread hatred among us in the name of religion.

Raj Bheem Reddy is known for his comedy, action and action films. He performed like a star hero without seeking elevations. His passion as a producer and talent as an actor are seen in this film. The fights are highlighted. Chammak Chandra has given his career best performance as Feku. Chammak Chandra laughs in every scene. The film also stars actress Zara Khan. Mukhtar Khan as Kabir Khan and Ramaraju as Shriram are brilliant in their respective roles. Technically, The Indian Story is top-notch. The music, the cinematography, the editing and the visuals are top-notch. For those who want to watch a good film this week, ‘The Indian Story’ is the best option.

PUNCH LINE;A good movie with a good message and entertainment.