Review – Atharva


Film ; Atharva
Release Date : December 01, 2023
Starring: Karthik Raju, Simran Choudhary, Kalpika Ganesh, Marimuthu, Ayraa Jain
Director: Mahesh Reddy
Producer: Subhash Nuthalapati
Music Directors: Sricharan Pakala
Cinematographer: Charan Madhavaneni
Editor: SB Uddhav; rating: 3/5

Atharva, featuring Karthik Raju and Simran Choudhary, has made its way to the big screen, and it’s time to dissect the film’s merits and shortcomings.

Deva Atharva Karna (Karthik Raju) aspires to be a police officer, but his struggles with asthma stand in the way of his dream. Encouraged by a suggestion, Atharva joins the Clues Team, utilizing his analytical skills to solve numerous cases. His life takes a turn when he encounters his college crush, Nithya (Simran), at a crime scene. As their connection deepens, Nithya introduces Atharva to her friend, Tollywood actress Joshni Huparikar (Ayraa Jain). Tragedy strikes when Joshni and her boyfriend, Siva, are found dead in her apartment, triggering a murder mystery that unfolds throughout the film.

Karthik Raju delivers a commendable performance, portraying the determined Atharva convincingly. Simran Choudhary, despite a limited role, handles her part well. Ayraa Jain’s portrayal of Joshni is noteworthy. The first half of the film maintains a gripping pace, showcasing the effectiveness of the Clues Team in solving crimes.

Technical Aspects:
Sricharan Pakala’s music is decent, but lackluster lyrics hinder the overall impact of the songs. Charan Madhavaneni’s cinematography is visually appealing, and the editing team contributes to maintaining a reasonable flow. However, the dialogues could have been more refined. Director Mahesh Reddy successfully engages the audience in the first hour, but the narrative loses its grip in the second half, largely due to unnecessary elements.

Plus points:
Production Values

Minus Points:
Few Lags

While the initial half of Atharva holds promise, the film encounters challenges in the latter half. The quick resolution of conflicts results in a sustained interest. The movie, initially subtle in its approach, becomes loud and excessive, burdened with unnecessary heroism. Atharva stands as a partially realized suspense thriller that underscores the significance of the clues department. Despite the engaging first half, the film falters in some points. The potential glimpsed in the early stages of Atharva dissipates as the narrative unfolds, leaving the audience with a mixed cinematic experience.

PunchLine: A suspense Thriller