Sivaranjani Review


Film : sivaranjani
UI : Etertainments
Directed by : Naga prabhakar
Presents :Nalla swamy
Starring : Rashmi Gautam,Nandu,and others
Producers :Padmanaba reddy,Nalla Ayyanna Naidu,
Co Producer : Katakam Vasu
Release date : 2 /8/2019 rating : 3/5

Rashmi who was shot to fame on the small screen and promising hero Nandu played the lead roles in the movie Sivaranjani. Naga Prabhakar is the director of the movie and he is making his debut with the film. Touted to be a thriller, the movie is releasing on Friday. There are good expectations on this project. Read on to know the review of the film.

Karthik (Nandu) accidentally sees a girl and falls in love with her. She is Rashmi. Unfortunately, the doctors advise her that she forgets her past. He then introduces her to everyone as Madhu. Slowly, their relationship develops into Love. Slowly, he realizes that she is Siva Ranjai and she has a dark past. What is Siva Ranjani’s past? What happened to her? What will happen in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

The story is the major highlight of the movie. There are a lot of thrilling elements in the film. The screenplay in this film is also pretty much exciting. Rashmi looked very much hot in the movie and her image was utilised completely. The film will certainly be a memorable movie in the career of Rashmi. She has got a lot of scope for the performance. She even did complete justice to the role that she was offered. There are a lot of variations in her character which she protrayed well. Rashmi’s character impresses the audiences in the first ten minutes itself.

Director Prabhakar is new to the movie industry but he created some interesting characters in the movie, especially that of Rashmi’s character. Thrillers need to be addressed with perfect logics and director Prabhakar maintained logics perfectly. The screenplay has good pace and the narrative structure is beautiful. The performance of Akhil Karthik in the second half is impressive and his performance is the major highlight in the movie. The songs are good in the movie, and especially, the Popcorn song brings in right amount of energy to the movie.

The way the story was driven to the end with the discovery of Siva Ranjani is interesting. The film is very much gripping. The music scored by Sekhar Chandra is pretty much impressive. The music added strength to the movie. The production values are grand.

Punch Line:On the whole, Siva Ranjani is a decent thriller.