Satya Movie Review


Date of release – 10-05-2024
Cast: Hamesh, Prarthana Sandeep, Aadugalam Murugadoss, Sai Sri, Akshaya and others
Editor-K. The truth
Cinematography – I. Marudhanayagam
Music is by KV Sundaramurthy.
Producer: Shivam
Directed by Vali Mohanda;Rating; 3.25/5

Hero Satyamurthy is a young boy studying Plus One in a government college. One day, when the students are playing cricket, they get into a fight with each other. The children are arrested and taken to the police station after the hero Satya hits the area police in an attempt to escape. Then the hero’s mother, father, and sister all run to the police station. Satya’s father ‘Adugalam’ Murugadoss starts his efforts to change Satya from the government college where he studies, thinking that Satya’s bad habits forced him to climb the steps of the police station. Without paying any fees in the government college, they enter their lives working as a seamstress in the basti where they live, without knowing about the private college and fees. Satya doesn’t like to leave his college and friends. But it’s okay for my mom. From there, he went to a private college. There, he meets Parvathi (Prarthana Sandeep). What had happened between them? What kind of students did you study with? What did the teachers say about him? What’s his connection to college? Answers to many such questions can be found on the screen.

Performance of the actors
Hero Hamresh and senior actor Adugalam Murugadoss are playing the lead roles. Along with the father and son, the mother and sister’s roles were also very touching. Murugadoss is good in the role of a father who cannot stand the beautiful emotions between father and son.

Technical Department –
The story writer-director of the film Satya, Wali Mohandas showed his taste as a director in the first film itself. In some scenes, it’s nice to be told what a middle-class person should be and how much. Marudhanayagam editor Satyanarayana has done a good job. Soundaramurthy, the music director of Satya, has taken the film to another level with the background score.

Plus points
Hamesha, Prarthana and Adugalam Murugadoss
Interval scene, pre-climax
Music and Songs
Camera work
Minus points
I feel like I’ve seen the same scene many times
A bit of a stretch in the first half
Minor errors in dubbing

Final Verdict – The right film for Summer