Review: Tom & Jerry


Film; Tom & Jerry

Release Date; 8/6/2024;Rating;3/5

‘Tom & Jerry’ was released in theaters this week. Let’s find out what the film is about.


Lucky (Amalan Daas) is a happy-go-lucky youngster who wears his laziness on his sleeve. As a consequence of an incident involving him, he ends up sharing his flat with Bhanumathi (Harman Deep Kaur), an IT employee. While Lucky wants to marry an affluent woman and leads the rest of his life mooching off her, Bhanumathi has this dream of settling in the US.

Things go topsy-turvy when Lucky and Bhanumathi make out on a night. What consequences does the unplanned intimacy have for them? How will the metaphorical Tom and Jerry navigate the fallout? That’s what the film is about.

Performances & Technical Departments:

The film features budding actors in lead roles. They strike a sizzling chemistry although they need to work on their acting chops. Harman Deep Kaur looks hot in some scenes. Rupa plays Pooja, someone who openly crushes on Lucky.

Chandra Mahesh plays the hero’s father, an advocate who fits into the friendly dad archetype in Telugu cinema. Srimani plays the hero’s mother, someone who is more than approachable. Thota Venu Gopal, as the heroine’s father, is seen as a businessman who has ego tussles with his wife. Sujatha plays the heroine’s belligerent mother.

Comedian Ravi Teja is seen as Nikkar Satthi, who too has the American dream. Indu is seen as the heroine’s friend.

Siva Nirmala has penned the dialogue with characteristic authenticity. Edited by SB Uddhav, the film has cinematography by SK. Producer Venkot Palepu should have ensured better production values. Two songs have a strong sensual scent.


The title references the classic cat-and-mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, hinting at the film’s comedic chase dynamic between Lucky and Bhanumathi. Although their egos often clash, the characters are more than one-dimensional. Lucky, despite his childhood vow to never work and his self-serving tendencies, possesses a strong moral compass. Bhanumathi, while appearing focused on money, ultimately reveals a caring and kind side.

Love can manifest in subtle ways, and petty squabbles often fade with time. These themes are familiar to many films, but ‘Tom & Jerry’ takes a fresh approach. The film explores the dynamics of intimacy before marriage, the importance of nonverbal communication in a relationship, the role of elders and the delicate balance between respecting their opinions and navigating independence.

The film’s turning point at the interval sets the stage for the second half, leading to a comedic resolution around the wedding. However, the exploration of conflict between the conservative-minded male and the open-minded woman could have been deeper. A more nuanced portrayal of their practical challenges would have resonated better. Focusing less on close-up shots of the heroine and more on establishing shots that showcase their contrasting personalities could have strengthened the narrative.


Writer-director Jaysreesivan explores themes such as pre-wedding intimacy and ego clashes between the lead pair.