Review – Sharathulu Vartisthayi


Movie Name: Sharathulu Varthisthai
Release Date: March 15, 2024
Cast: Chaitanya Rao, Bhoomi Shetty, Nanda Kishore, Venky Monkey, Santosh Yadav, Devaraj Palamuru, and others
Director: Kumara Swamy
Producers: Sreelatha – Nagarjun Samala, Sharadha – Sreesh Kumar Gunda, Vijaya – Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu
Music Director: Arun Chiluveru
Cinematographer: Praveen Vanamali, Shekar Pochampally
Editor: Ch. Vamsi Krishna, Gajjala Rakshith Kumar;Rating: 3/5

Today, a small-budget film titled “Sharathulu Varthisthai” has made its way to the screens, featuring Chaitanya Rao of “30 Weds 21” fame as the protagonist. Let’s delve into how the film fares.

Chiranjeevi (Chaitanya Rao) leads a hardworking life in a government office, striving to support his mother and two siblings. He shares a long-standing relationship with Vijayashanthi (Bhoomi Shetty), who has supported him since childhood. However, his life turns turbulent when he becomes entangled in a financial fraud. How does Chiranjeevi navigate through this adversity? This forms the crux of “Sharathulu Varthisthai.”

Chaitanya Rao convincingly portrays a middle-class individual, effectively immersing himself in the role of Chiranjeevi. His dialogues resonate with middle-class families, and the choice of such a relatable concept is commendable. Bhoomi Shetty’s substantial role adds depth to the narrative, and her natural performance contributes significantly to the film. Certain scenes featuring the lead actors are executed well, particularly in the first half, which boasts engaging moments. The rest of the cast made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
Arun Chiluveru’s music and the cinematography by Praveen Vanamali and Shekar Pochampally are good, contributing to the film’s overall aesthetic. However, the editing could have been tighter to alleviate the pacing issues. Director Kumara Swamy’s noble intention to raise awareness about financial fraud is evident.

The film aims to shed light on multi-level marketing scams prevalent among middle-class families. Its execution is engaging, and the emotional scenes are interesting and relatable. Both the first and second halves have come out well. While Chaitanya Rao and Bhoomi Shetty deliver commendable performances, the film’s execution keeps us hooked. On the whole, Sharathulu Varthisthai is a satisfying viewing experience.