Review – Kranthi


Film: Kranthi
Hero : Rakendu mouli
Heroine: Inaya sultana
Supporting Cast: sravani setti, yamuna srinidhi, kartik, bhvani chopwdary v.
Director : Bhima Shankar
DOP: Kishore Boidapu
Editor: KCB Hari
Producer: Bhargav Manne
Production house : swathi pictures;Rating: 3/5

Ram’s life is shattered after his girlfriend’s tragic death just before their wedding. But when his cousin disappears under mysterious circumstances, he sets out to uncover the truth. What he finds is a shocking pattern of missing girls every year in the same month. A few months later, Ram’s cousin Ramya goes missing, and while searching for her, Ram comes to know some unsettling truths about Sandhya. Will Ram be able to find his cousin and stop the perpetrators? Watch to experience a gripping suspense.

As for the performances, the protagonist Rakendu Mouli’s efforts as Ram, stating that he does a decent job of keeping the audience interested. However, there is room for improvement, and Rakendu has a lot of scope to grow as an actor and one day, he will be able to pull off the same effortlessly. Inaya Sultana, who gained fame from Bigg Boss, is also a part of the cast. She is good in her role too. The supporting cast, which includes Sravani Setti, Yamuna Srinidhi, Kartik, Bhvani Chowdary V, and others, are just about okay and make a lasting impression on the audience.

Technical Aspects:
The pacing and screenplay of the film are its main advantages, as they keep the audience engaged and make the film feel like an interesting watch. The background score is good enough, and the cinematography is decent but does not. It offer a new or inventive approach. The production values are decent, and the art work is also decent, and the editing could have been a little better.

The exact details of the truths that Ram discovers about Sandhya are re quite shocking and have a significant impact on Ram’s life. The revelations form a crucial part of the story and keep the audience engaged. Kranthi is a very good film that will resonate well with the audience. The story has some intriguing elements, but the performances and execution is good as well. Director Bhima Shankar, has taken a concept that has been seen several times before in thrillers, where the protagonist discovers that a series of missing cases or murders are all related in the end. However, the director has given an interesting twist to this concept, which is engaging. The film may be decent for its target audience, and it fares well in several areas that the film offers. On the whole, the film is an intriguing thriller.

Punch Line: Kranthi is an engaging thriller.