Review : Gam Gam Ganesha


Movie Name : Gam Gam Ganesha
Starring : Anand Deverakonda, Pragati Srivastava, Nayan Sarika, Emmanuel, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh
Director: Uday Bommisetty
Producers: Kedar Selagamsetty, Vamsi Karumanchi
Music Director: Chaitan Bhardwaj
Cinematographer: Aditya Javvadi
Editor: Karthika Srinivas R
Release Date : May 31, 2024 ;Rating :3/5

Gam Gam Ganesh.. The title is good. Hero Anand Deverakonda’s timing is good. After the blockbuster hit… To continue the same flow, he came to the theaters this Friday to do a dum dum in the theaters by saying ‘Gum Gum Ganesha’. Let’s see how this film is.

Hero.. Another friend of his. Both of them commit thefts together. A lover of the hero. A kiss is exchanged between the two. Use mouthwash. Love sucks. Meanwhile, the heroine seems to have a better choice than the hero. She sets up with the supermarket owner she works for and sidesteps the hero. That hurts the hero.

He doesn’t have money. It’s him.. So in the short cut, he wants to give advice to the heroine who has become a millionaire and cheated him. As part of that effort. She went to a jewellery shop with the help of a friend. Seven crores worth of gold. In an attempt to escape from the police, he hides the diamond in the idol of ‘Vinayaka’. Others will pick up the gold. Look at the statue again. How did he manage to steal the gold? How do you get rid of another enemy? The enemy’s Rs. What did you do with $100 million? How did he fall in love with another heroine while trying to steal a diamond? Who’s she? That’s the rest of the story.

The hero of the story is Ganesh (Anand Deverakonda). Shruthi (Nayan Sarika) is the heroine. My friend Immanuel. Neelaveni is the other heroine.

Don’t get stuck in the image frame. Anand Deverakonda is going to be different from the usual stories. Anand Deverakonda scored pass marks as an actor with a love story like Baby. Instead of experimenting, he chose an entertaining story. He has tried to impress with the comedy genre. I have never seen Ganesha. There is no story anywhere. There have been many stories surrounding the statue.

Putting a diamond in the statue of the villain. There are millions of them. group for it. A comedy track that connects to the content. It’s a routine love track. Stealing a diamond is a fast-paced affair with the twist of putting it in the idol of Lord Ganesha. In the second half, the hero falls for the statue. Comedy track with head-feeding villains. Uday Bommisetty is the director of the film (Uday Bomisetty). But there is nothing new in the story. The story is told in a regular format.

The film begins. Wow, this seems like a great story. The story moves smoothly with the addition of a comedy track. In the end, G. Ganesa gave a devotional touch to the title justifying the title.

In terms of acting. Anand Deverakonda plays the role of Ganesh in the film. He smiled like a thief. Despite being cheated in the hands of the heroine, this’ baby ‘boy added fun to the love track. Heroine Nayan Sarika is not given much importance. But what about the lip lock? The lip lock scene was required even though the story didn’t need it. Mouthwashes.. This little girl kissed our little boy. The second heroine should also be the heroine in the second half. Seems like it.

He played the role of a friend in Jabardasth Immanuel. Jabardasth mixed the punches. Comedy was well done. Vennela Kishore plays the role of Organ David in the second half. Comedy. As a doctor, he laughed his heart out. Along with Rudra.. Prince Yawar plays the role of Arun Sutaria in the film. The comedy in the background of Satyam Rajesh Faction is okay. Raj Arjun plays the role of Kishore Reddy. Cinematography by Javvadi Aditya is a big plus for the film. Chaitan Bharadwaj’s songs are okay. There is no place in the story. The placement of the songs is as if there is something to put. On the production front, the film looks promising.

Overall.. I can’t say it’s a new feeling. Ganesh is not as boring as he looks. you can enjoy and laugh for a while on the weekend.