Review – 105


Film: 105 Minutes
Cast: Hansika Motwani
Director: Raju Dussa
Producer: Bommak Siva
Music: Sam CS
Cinematography: Kishore Boidapu;Rating: 3/5

With the Republic Day holiday on January 26, many small and dubbed films are gearing up to test their luck, and Hansika’s “105 Minutes” finds itself among them. Hansika, who once soared to stardom with glamorous roles, took a different trajectory after marriage, focusing solely on heroine-centric movies. Her previous venture, “My Name is Shruti,” received positive feedback.

Now, let’s delve into the details of “105 Minutes”:

The story revolves around Janu (Hansika), who, one day, unexpectedly discovers herself dead while driving home from the office. Shocked by this revelation, Janu returns home only to be tormented by a spirit. Bound by chains and subjected to various forms of torture, Janu finds no respite, with the spirit even driving her to the point of suicide as depicted on television. The narrative unfolds as Janu grapples with the spirit’s relentless torment, prompting questions about her survival and the identity of the malevolent force targeting her.

Hansika is the sole focus in this movie, creating an almost one-woman show. Her performance, while commendable in maintaining audience engagement throughout the two-hour duration, predominantly portrays fear and helplessness, potentially hindering emotional connection for some viewers. However, considering the challenging nature of a single-artist, single-take film, Hansika manages to secure a passing grade in her performance.

Technical Aspects:
Director Raju Dussa’s innovative concept is noteworthy, yet the execution falls short of making it consistently intriguing. The storyline has a good pace and dialogue. The technical team, comprising cinematographer Kishore Boidapu and music director Sam C Yes, delivers a great performance. Visually, many scenes are realistic and the film has so many impactful moments. There are only a few shortcomings in the film. But, the cinematographer’s work earns some praise, and the background score, though unremarkable, complements the film to an extent.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Few lag scenes

With a runtime of just 2 hours, “105 Minutes” may appeal to audiences who enjoy diverse genres. While the movie reaches high expectations, it also equally explores different cinematic experiences. The film is worth a watch.

Punch Line: Gripping Thriller!