RamCharan and Upasana’s Heartfelt Meeting with Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde


Global star Ram Charan and philanthropist wife Upasana paid a visit to the esteemed office of Maharashtra’s Honorable Chief Minister, Eknath Shinde, in Mumbai. The meeting of the two states Telengana and Maharashtra was a beautiful blend of tradition and companionship.

The couple who were first spotted at the Mahalaxmi temple, celebrating their daughter Klin Kaara’s 6th-month birthday, now graced the Chief Minister’s office for a momentous occasion as they continue their stay in Mumbai.

The meeting was marked by sincere greetings and the exchange of thoughtful gifts. Shinde’s son, Shrikant, was also present to welcome the guests, further strengthening the bond between the two families.

The highlight of the occasion was a traditional Tilak ceremony and a small Aarti performed by Vrushali, Shinde’s daughter-in-law, in a gesture of traditional hospitality extended to the visiting family.

Ram Charan, dressed in a stylish denim shirt and black trousers, and Upasana, adorned in a graceful satin floral kurti, brought a touch of elegance to the gathering. The visit, marked by a sense of joy and fulfillment, showcased the couple’s continued commitment to fostering positive connections and contributing to the welfare of the community.