Raja Yogam Review


Starring: Sai Ronakh, Ankita Saha, Bismi Nas, Ajay Ghosh, Praveen, Giri, Bhadram, Shakalaka Shankar, Chitram Srinu, Sijju

Director: Ram Ganapathi

Producer: Mani Lakshman Rao

Music Director: Arun Muraleedharan

Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar

Editor: Karthika Srinivas

Release Date : December 30, 2022

Moviemanthra.com; Rating : 3/5

Young hero Sai Ronak was shot to fame by acting in movies like Paathshala and Pressure Cooker. He is now back with his new outing, Rajayogam. Directed by Ram Ganapathi, this film features Ankita Saha as the female lead. It has hit the screens today. Here is the review of it.


Rushi (Sai Ronak) is a car mechanic who hails from a middle-class family. His sole aim in life is to marry a rich girl and settle in life. In the process, he once goes to a star hotel to deliver a car. He comes across Sri (Ankita Saha) at the hotel. So, he stays there for a few days and befriends her. Eventually, Rushi proposes to Sri. But Sri gives him a twist by going away with Radha (Ajay Ghosh). Who is Radha? What does Rushi do after Sri leaves him? What are the roles of Daniel (Sijju) and the diamond he possesses? To know these answers, you have to watch the film.


Sai Ronak suits the role well. His body language and acting were decent. His skills in dancing and action sequences can be seen on the screen. Ankita was commendable in her bold role. Sijju impresses us in the role of a villain. Ajay Ghosh was entertaining. Shakalaka Shankar, Thagubothu Ramesh, Praveen, Bhadram were good in their respective comedy roles.

Technical Aspects:

Writer and director Ram Ganapathi came up with a crime comedy and in most of the parts, he manages to impress us with his writing. The screenplay is interesting and keeps audiences engaged in the proceedings right from the beginning to the end.

Music director Aruna Muralidharan’s songs were okay. The romantic number sung by Sid Sriram was good. Vijay C Kumar’s cinematography brought a rich look to the film. Editing by Karthika Srinivas is crisp. The production values were decent.


Of late, crime comedy became a regular genre in Telugu cinema. Even Rajayogam falls into the same category. Director Ram Ganapathi tried to amalgamate crime comedy with bold romantic scenes to make it appealing to the younger generation of audiences.

The first half is filled with romantic scenes and the establishment of the core plot. The second half revolves around the diamond and the characters that are hunting for it. Barring a few hiccups in the screenplay, Rajayogam manages to keep us hooked from start to end. On the whole, it is a decent watch for this weekend.

Plus Points:

Comedy Track
Sai Ronak’s performance
Engaging screenplay

Minus Points:

Overdose of romance
Music at parts

One-line verdict: Entertaining Crime Comedy