” Prema Katha ” pre-release event, the film releasing in theatres tomorrow


The upcoming movie Prema Katha starring Kishore KSD and Diya Sithepalli is jointly produced by Tonga Productions LLP and Cine Valley Movies. Producers are Vijay Mattapalli, Sushil Vajpilly and Shinganamala Kalyan. Upender Goud Erra is acting as co-producer. Directed by Sivashakti Reddy D. The film gained good buzz with the promotional content

The movie team is confident that the movie “Premakatha” will be well received in the theaters as it is made to appeal to today’s youth with a diverse love story. The movie “Premakatha” is getting ready for a grand release in theaters tomorrow. A pre-release event was held today. On this occasion

Actor Raj Thirandasu said – My character name is Shankar in the film “Premakatha”. He looks like a friend. I will follow him in every situation. Thanks to the director Shiva for giving a good character. Watch “Prema katha” in theaters.

Director Sivashakti Reddy said – “Premakatha” is a movie that is close to reality. Hope you all connect with this story. I was able to make a good film with team support. The film is releasing in theaters tomorrow. Wish you all will love it.

Producer Vijay said, “Nowadays,releasing the film correctly has become a bigger task than making it. Mathura Sridhar, Baby Producer Dheeraj and Shinganamala Kalyan all helped in the release of “Premakatha”. Without their help, the film would not have been releasing tomorrow. All the artists and technicians worked hard and made a good movie. I hope that the “Premakatha” will be a big hit.

Producer Sushil said – Telugu film industry is very new to me. I have done movies in Malayalam. “Prem Katha” has a good concept oriented movie. We are showing a new love story in this movie. Hope you all will like it.

Hero Kishore KSD said – We enjoyed the making “Prem Katha”. Sometimes we saw tough times, but with team work, we enjoyed a lot even in such times. The producers made us all comfortable. Thanks to all our cameraman, director and producers. There are two beautiful heroines in our film and thier performance will impress everyone.

Actor Netra Sadhu said – No matter how much we say about the movie, you will see how good it is tomorrow. I can confidently say that you will like the movie. “Premakatha” will be a movie that gives a new experience to the audience.

Heroine Diya Sithepalli said – Thanks to the producer and director for giving me the opportunity in the movie “Premakatha”. We made this movie in both Telugu and Tamil languages. We don’t speak Tamil but hero Kishore knows Tamil. He used to tell us dialogues and that’s how we shot. The output of “Premakatha” was good. You all will enjoy in theaters.

Bigg Boss fame Amardeep said – No matter how many love stories are written and no matter how many movies are made, there is no end for love. There is no end to love stories even for us to act. I want this love story to be memorable too.

Shubhashree of Bigg Boss fame said – We all have love stories in our lives. But some of them succeed and some may fail. But we cannot forget that journey. This love story will see success in theatres.

Shobha Shetty of Bigg Boss fame said – I like love stories more than action and drama movies. I mostly watch love story movies. You should also support good movies with “love story” content in theaters.

Actors – Kishore KSD, Diya Sitepalli, Raj Thirandasu, Vinay Mahadev, Netra Sadhu etc.

Technical team
DVP – Vasu Pendem
Music – Radhan
Editor – Alayam Anil
Art Director – Veera Murali
Costumes – Shivani Erra
Executive Producer – Giri Pinninti
Line Producers – E. Srinivas Goud, M. Hanumanth Reddy, Chandu Kodurupaka
Lyrics – Krishna Chaitanya, Rambabu Gosala, Krishna Kant
Banners – Tonga Productions LLP, Cine Valley Movies
Producers – Vijay Mattapalli, Sushil Vajapilly, Shinganamala Kalyan
Co Producer – Upender Goud Erra
PRO – GSK Media
Written and Directed by – Sivashakti Reddy D