Pindam is a sensible, well-made emotional drama sans vulgarity: Sriram


Roja Poolu, Okariki Okaru fame Sriram and Dia fame Kushee Ravi are coming together for Pindam, a horror thriller directed by a debutant Saikiran Daida. Yeshwanth Daggumati produces the film under Kalaahi Media. After wrapping up the shoot, the film is gearing up for a November release; the promotional campaign commenced recently, with the launch of the first look.

Ahead of the release, the makers have now launched the teaser with renewed enthusiasm. The glimpse lives up to the ‘scariest film ever’ caption, where a spirit healer recounts one of the most spooky experiences pertaining to a middle-class household in her life. The teaser does well to pique the curiosity of the viewer, with the treatment, slick visuals, haunting sound design and technical finesse.

Apart from the cast and crew, popular writers Kona Venkat, BVS Ravi, director Sree Harsha Konuganti were the chief guests at the teaser launch in Hyderabad. Here’s what they had to say at the event.

Actor Sriram : I am thankful to all the guests who’ve gathered. A genuine team put together this project and finished it within two months, we lost track of time. The producer, director are all like family, took good care of us and they were open-minded in their approach during shoot. Kushee Ravi is a method actor. The kids are the true stars of the film. Pindam is a sensible, emotional drama sans vulgarity without any forced masala elements or songs. I’m sure it’ll succeed.

Actress Kushee Ravi: Telugu is a new language for me and I’m still learning. I didn’t imagine I would be seen in a Telugu film someday. You’ve welcomed me with so much warmth through Dia. I am thankful to my producer and director for believing in me. I was nervous but they helped me with the lines. Sriram is a very friendly actor, made me feel at ease. I am grateful to the entire team for making me feel comfortable.

Director Saikiran: The film is based on a true incident I’d heard from my grandma. It’s a cruel crime and I thought horror is the best genre to tell this story. Pindam is an apt title for the film, the word has many meanings and there’s nothing negative about it. The actors and technicians did a fine job, they were very efficient with their craft. I hope crowds encourage our effort.

Writer Kona Venkat: I was supposed to introduce Saikiran as a filmmaker with Siddu as the hero through a crime comedy. I found many talents who’ve migrated to the US – Pravin Lakkaraju, Sreejo and Sai. Saikiran looks at cinema through a new lens. I hope Pindam gives a good start to his career and also to Sriram, Kushee Ravi and others. I am keen on watching the film.

Writer B V S Ravi: Saikiran left Dallas to move here and made a quality product with a good team, it’s a huge task and he has succeeded with it. Only passion drove them. It takes conviction to make a pure genre-based film and provides an opportunity for everyone to showcase their technical finesse. The horror film has broken norms and I wish the team the very best.

Director Sree Harsha Konuganti: In Hushaaru, I’d stated how nothing is impossible when a group of four friends think of fulfilling their dream. The team of Pindam is a true example of it. I already know the story of Pindam and I hope they taste success.

Producer Yeshwanth Daggumati: This is our first production at Kalaahi Media; Pindam is a product of our passion. We’ll be making movies regularly. Pindam is a proper horror film with a gripping screenplay. Sriram is a friendly actor, we’re proud to say Srinivas Avasarala, Kushee Ravi and others are single-take performers. I thank my technicians and the film has shaped up very well.

Actor Srinivas Avasarala: I said yes to Pindam after watching a short film that I was very impressed about. I hope Kalaahi Media makes bigger movies in the times to come. The director and the producer worked together as a single team and I can sense a success. I was in awe of the cinematographer Satish within the first shot.

Actor Ravi Varma: As a character, I’ll be heard more and seen less in the film. I went into the project without expectations, it felt I was waiting all my life for this role. Every minute on the set was exciting. There is a beautiful message in this genre and I hope it reaches audiences. I am eager to watch the film on the big screen as well.

Writer Kavi Siddhartha: Pindam is a title related to nature and it’s important to look at it positively. The director has strived to present it visually and he has all the makings of a good filmmaker.

Experience the Calm before the Storm!!

Presenting you the official teaser of “ #Pindam ”- The Scariest Film Ever.