Just use Vvish click and Share is automatic.


Wedding. It’s a celebration and just not on the stage, or just not around the couple. It’s a celebration all over the place. Joy everywhere. Beauty all over. With smart phones on every hand and clicks all over the place everything is captured. Many of your cool pictures are captured on someone else’s phone and their pictures on your phone. And you are at their mercy for them to be shared so you can have them. With Vvish, you have access to all the pictures clicked by everyone. Just use Vvish. All you do is click. Sharing is automatic. Add all your crazy fingered cousins into a group and let them click from the app camera and they are instantly shared among all the group (members). And the best part is it works even without internet. Create the group when internet is available and click the pics even without internet. The pics are shared when internet is resumed (just keep the app open). Parties, outings, trips, conferences, get together, any hangouts… you name it. Have every captured moment by everyone instantly on your phone. Hey, only pics clicked by the Vvish cam are shared. Your device camera is your personal. We don’t invade your album.