Nivasi Movie Review


Film: Nivasi
Release Date: August 23, 2019
Rating: 3/5
Cast: Sekhar Varma, Viviya Santh, Jaya Prakash and Sudarshan
Director: Satish Regalla
Producers: KS Rao
Music: Charan Arjun

Senior actor (Jayaprakash) is a billionaire and he brings up his son Vivan Aditya (Sekhar Varma) without any struggles and difficulties. After a while, Jaya Prakash decides to send his son alone to live life on his own terms, but on some conditions. What are the conditions? Why did he do that? What happened in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

Comedian Sudarshan is a highlight in the film and his performance is worth appreciating. He is one of the major highlights for the film’s casting. The way his character travels throughout the film is interesting. His comedy is good. The hero is good in his limitations. He performed well in the emotional scenes and is also apt for the character designed. The heroine is good in terms of looks and the chemistry between both the hero and heroine is nice Jaya Prakash as a senior did what he is usually best at. The rest of the actors in the movie have given their best for the movie.

Technical Aspects:
Director Satish has pulled off an interesting script by doing perfect justice to it. The script is impressive and so are the dialogues. The songs are nice and the background score is too good too. Charan Arjun scored good music for the movie. The situational song and climax song are good. The climax is dealt well. The production values are amazing. The cinematography is impressive and the editing is good.


Few dragged scenes

The director chose a perfect storyline for the movie. There is a perfect emotion in the story. The titles are very unique and is an impressive element. The film appears to be dragged but the director maintained a perfect pace. The elements like love and emotions are elevated perfectly. The director chose a universal script and has dealt it really well. The emotional scenes and climax are the major highlights in the movie. Go watch it.

Punch Line: Nivasi is an Entertaining Story