Hawaa Movie Review


Film : Hawaa
Starring: Chaitanya Madadi, Divi Prasanna and others
Director: Mahesh Reddy
Producers: Film and Reel
Music Director: Gifton Elias
Cinematography: Santosh Shanamoni
Editor: Karthika Srinivas
Release Date:  23, August,2019
www.moviemanthra.com Rating: 3/5

Charlie (Chaitanya Madadi) is a happy go lucky guy who wants to become rich with the help of easy money. One day, he ends up getting involved in betting and it turns out to be the worst nightmare. He unnecessarily gets involved in a spat with a local don. What did he do? How did he overcome that? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

The principle lead, Chaitanya Madadi is tolerable in his job and conveys the film on his shoulders. The movie’s heroine Divi Prasanna looks wonderful and does well in her little job. As every one of the on-screen characters in the film are for the most part new, they ham to no degree and disturb the group of spectators. The characters and their endings in the film have come out well.

Technical Aspects:
As the film is totally shot in Sydney, the creation estimations of the film look really very great. The Camerawork in the film is great! generally excellent as the rich areas in Sydney have been displayed well. Probably the greatest work of the film is the screenplay. It is pleasant and does not bore the audiences. The story has different subplots and to deal with every one of them, a crazy screenplay was required which was totally present in the film. Music by Gifton Elias is respectable as was his experience score. The editing is perfect as the film has a fresh runtime. The film resists the rationale and raises a few questions with respect to the wrongdoing scenes in the film. Going to the chief Mahesh Reddy, he has made a less than impressive display with the film.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Few Boring Sequences

The climax of the film is taken care of well. The interrelation between the accounts has been composed well and bodes well just in the subsequent half. All in all, Hawaa is an in all respects low-quality wrongdoing spine chiller which has a fundamental feeling and earnestness. The camerawork and visuals are great however the remainder of the story and its execution is worse than average and makes for a bothering watch this end of the week. Disregard it securely and search for something different intriguing. The film is entertaining in the end.

Punch Line: Hawaa Is a Joyful Ride