Nenu Lenu Movie Review


Thriller movies are always interesting to our Telugu audiences. With proper screenplay, the thrillers always does magic at the box-office. Now, an interesting thriller has made way to the theatres and it is titled as Nenu Lenu. Lost in Love is the caption of the movie. The film is touted to be a pshychological thriller. Ram Kumar is the director of the movie and the film is releasing on 26th of this month.

Eshwar (Harshith) is a videographer in Kurnool. He falls for Parvathi (Sri Padma) in the first sight and thinks that she is his wife. Parvathi too likes him and accepts the love. But Parvathi’s parents oppose their relationship and puts conditions to her that she has to marry someone that they select. What happens to their love? What did they do to save their love? What happened in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

The scenes and conversations between the lead actors impressed everyone. The romantic scenes between them are major highlight in the film. Sri Padma did good acting and she worked hard with the diaologues. The hero is also nice and he played a key role too. The actors who played friends characters are impressive. Every actor in the movie have given their best for the character they played. The person who played the villain is also impressive.

Technical Aspects:
The story and screenplay are the major strength for the movie. The director Ram Kumar has become successful with the same. To do a film on disorder, it is important to deal with a challenge. The technical values are very high in the movie. The background score of the movie is impressive and the songs have come out well. The visuals are grand the camera work stands out as the best. The editing could have been more crisper. The production values of the movie are lavish. Watch it.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Editing could be crisper
Predictable Execution

The film engages the audiences with the storyline. The film’s plot has got an interesting disorder which was converted properly into a screenplay. The film dealt with a concept called Cotard Syndrome and the makers did the film basing on a scientific disorder. The director started off the movie on an interesting note. With a decent love story, he established the characters well. The screenplay was designed in a thrilling manner too. The chemistry between the lead actors has worked out well in the movie.

Punch Line: Intriguing Psychological Thriller