‘Inti No.13’ Movie Review


Film ‘Inti No.13’
Actors: Naveed Babu, Shivangi Mehra, Irrfan, Nikisha, Anandraj, Tanikella Bharani, Prithviraj, Nellore Sudarshan, Sivannarayana, Sathyakrishna, Vijaya Rangaraju, Ravi Varma, Gundu Sudarshan, Deviyani and others.
Music: By Vinod
Cinematography: PS Manikarnan
Editing: Sainath Badwel
Words: Venkat Balagoni, Panna Royal
Submitted by: Dr. Barkatullah
Producer: Haysan Pasha
Banners: Regal Film Productions, D.M. Universal Studios
Written and Directed by: Panna Royal
Date of Release: 01.03.2024
Movie Length: 126 Minutes


Horror movies are mostly about ghosts and ghosts. There are many such films. It’s still coming. However, some directors try to show newness by taking a point that no one has touched so far, with stories that have some variation in them. Panna Royal is one such director. Earlier, with such stories, he made horror films like Calling Bell and Rakshasi and became a successful director. This is his third film. 13 was released. Panna Royal has tried to scare the audience once again by choosing a new point and a new backdrop to be different from his previous films. What is the release date of Friday’s Film? How has the film connected with the audience? Has director Panna scored a hat-trick with this film? Let’s find out in the review.

A 90-year-old man explains how many people he has freed from ghosts in his life. As part of the No. He begins to tell the story of a villa called ’13’. Arjun is a writer. One of his books sold 10 million copies. As a reward for this achievement, he gives a villa as a gift. Arjun gives the keys to his brother Sanjay. Sanjay, his wife Nithya and their maid JJamma enter the house. Later, Arjun and Nithya’s sister Madhu also come to the house. Some days are good. After that, a white mask appears. If you look closer, there’s nothing there. When she sees such things often, she becomes mentally disturbed. It’s weird sometimes. Her husband takes her to a doctor for treatment. He also behaves strangely with the doctor. Then a psychiatrist comes in to solve the problem. And he’s had the same experience. Finally, Gajanand (Anandraj) enters the scene. Who are the white masked figures appearing in that house? What are they trying to achieve? How did Gajanand solve the problem in the house? That’s the other story.

The analysis:
This film is completely different from the ghost and spirit movies that we have always seen. The movie starts with a problem at home. There is a similar problem, but the way it is expressed is different. Director Panna Royal has succeeded in running the film from the beginning to the end without any bore and lag. Sometimes the twists in the film also thrill the audience. Instead of the problems shown in regular horror movies, they tried to show something new. The second half is much more thrilling than the first. Another highlight of the film is the background score. The music by Vinod is superb.

Naveed and Shivangi Mehra, who played the lead roles in the film, did full justice to their roles. Shivangi Mehra’s performance is the major plus point of the film. Anandraj played the role of Gajanand in the film. Tanikella Bharani, Sreelakshmi, Prithviraj, Sudharshan, Shivannarayana and Ravi Varma have done well in their roles.

Technical experts:
The film is technically very good. There are three technicians in the film. Director Pannarayil, music director Vinod Yajamanya and cinematographer P. S. Manikarnan have taken the film forward with their brilliant talent. Vinod’s music is the highlight of the film. His music is good enough to elevate even the smallest scene. Director Panna Royal has made this film completely different from his previous two films. Especially good performances by the actors. Cinematography by PS Manikarnan is another highlight of the film. He has managed to make every frame look rich. Editor Sai Badwel edited the film at 2 hours and 6 minutes without any lag. The lyrics written by Venkat Balagoni and Panna Royal are also good. Regal Film Productions made the film in a rich manner without compromising anywhere. The cost incurred by the producer Hessan Pasha is seen on the screen.

This film is very much liked by the audience. There was a season of horror movies. After that, the audience shifted to action films. Now the Inti No 13. There is no doubt that the film ’13’ is going to be a comeback to horror films. The audience will be thrilled for two hours with various twists and a wonderful background score. There is another speciality of this film. After watching the last scene, it is clear that there is a sequel to this film. The director also hinted that the second part will be even more interesting. For those who love new genre films and are bored of watching action films, ‘Home No. There is no exaggeration to say that 13 ‘will give great relief.