‘Nenevaro’ Review


Film: Nenevaro

Among the films that were released this weekend, there’s a small film made with newcomers titled ‘Nenevaru’. Produced jointly by Bhimineni Siva Prasad & Tanner Ram Babu under Kushal Creations, the film marks the debut of the director Nirnay Palnatee, along with the majority of the cast.

The film begins with the break up of Krish & Chitra who was in deep love for a significant amount of period. Citing various reasons, Chitra dumps Krish and this turns Krish into a heartbroken, roadside Romeo crying over his Juliet. His severe depression overtakes him and slowly he slips into a very dark phase of life where he’s just sobbing and consuming alcohol to cope with his broken heart. Unknown to him is the crime that is eliminating his family. While he is going through this, his family members get murdered by a mysterious killer. It begins with his cousin’s aunt, her daughter, and their guardian and slowly it seems to grow. While Krish keeps narrating his love story to strangers, cops are not able to solve these murders. At one point he is dragged into the case and put all the details in front of him. This shall be a turning point for Krish and starts investigating these murders. How he solves these crimes forms the crux of the story.

The Telugu audience loves crime thrillers. Even a mediocre plot & performance can impress our audience as we are that hungry for crime thrillers and ‘Nenevaro’ shall serve as a good dish for our taste. It is pretty evident that the team has decided to go by content than star value and the film proves why. The film takes an impressive pace & take from pre-climax and the climax revelation is bound to thrill the viewers.

Along with the writing & direction by Nirnay Palnatee, the performance of the lead cast, Balakrishna Kola & Geeth Shah are very much impressive. The cinematography by Samal Bhasker deserves a special mention, and so are the fights by ‘Real’ Satish & Krishna Bommana. Background score by R. G. Sarathee keeps the film on a high note and the audience on the seat edge.

With an intention of not ruining the viewer experience we have tried to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible. But, any crime-thriller lover can easily enjoy this impressive attempt!

Moviemanthra.com;Rating 3/5

Punch Line-A neat thriller not to be missed!