Madhava Madhusudhana Review


Film;Madhava Madhusudhana

Starring: Tej Bommadewara, Rishiki Lokre, and others
Presented by: Bommadewara Sridevi
Director, Producer: Bommadewara Ramachandra Rao
Music: Vikas Badisa
Cinematography: Vasu
Executive Producer: Manukonda Murali
Banner: Sai Ratna Creations
Release Date: 2023-11-24;Rating: 3/5

“Madhava Madhusudana,” a love story film, has recently hit the screens, starring Tej Bommadevara as the hero and Rishiki Lokre as the heroine. Produced and directed by Bommadewara Ramachandra Rao under the Sai Ratna Creations banner, the film explores the theme of love against the backdrop of an engaging storyline. Let’s delve into the review to understand how the film fares.

The narrative follows the adventures of three friends – Madhav (Tej Bommadevara), Ravi (Josh Ravi), and Shiva (Shiva) – who aimlessly wander through life, enjoying its carefree moments. Concerned about his son’s lack of direction, Madhav’s parents encourage him to take on office duties in Bangalore. However, Madhav boards a train to Vizag and ends up in Aru. En route, he encounters a mysterious girl (Rishiki Lokre) at a railway station, visible only to him. As the story unfolds, questions arise about why Madhav deviated from his path to Bangalore, the connection with the mysterious girl, and the subsequent events that follow.

Tej Bommadevara, in his debut role as the hero, portrays the character of Madhav convincingly. While juggling the responsibilities of acting and being the lead, he maintains a natural and relatable performance. Rishiki Lokre impresses as the heroine, contributing graceful movements and a captivating screen presence. Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao, playing the heroine’s father, delivers emotional scenes with authenticity. The supporting cast, including friends and characters, adds humor and contributes positively to the film.

Technical Aspects:
The technical departments of the film perform well, with Vikas Badina’s music standing out as a highlight. The soundtrack complements the movie, enhancing the overall experience. Vasu’s visuals provide a visual treat, showcasing quality cinematography. The production values are commendable, reflecting a film made with attention to detail. The songs contribute to the film’s appeal, with heartfelt lyrics resonating with the audience. Tej Bommadevara faces challenges in dance and fight sequences, but the visuals compensate for any shortcomings.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Few lags

“Madhava Madhusudana” aims to deliver a clean and positive love story, evident from both its title and execution. The film successfully avoids vulgarity and focuses on portraying the desired elements. The director deserves appreciation for maintaining a positive tone throughout the narrative. However, some scenes could have been more effectively presented to enhance the overall impact. While the story explores common themes of love and mystery, the director’s effort to present them neatly is evident. The film’s strength lies in its ability to maintain positivity and avoid unnecessary distractions. “Madhava Madhusudana” offers a pleasant love story with positive elements. The debut performances, engaging soundtrack, and quality visuals make it a watchable film for those seeking a feel-good love story.

Punchline: A heartwarming love story