– Hero The Vijay Devarakonda at Trailer launch event ‘Kushi’


Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha’s Khushi movie trailer release event was held in Hyderabad today. The film crew participated in this program. The colorful trailer with love and family emotions impressed everyone. This movie is directed by Siva Nirvana. Naveen Yerneni and Y Ravi Shankar are producing under Mythri Movie Makers banner. ‘Kushi’ is getting ready for pan India release on September 1. At the trailer release event

Mythri CEO Cherry said – Thanks to everyone who came here to participate in the ‘Kushi’ trailer release event. Thanks to the hero Vijay, the director Shiva Nirvana, and the rest of the team who came to this program. Our heroine Samantha was not able to come here today. Director Shiva Nirvana made this movie with Heart and Soul. When he told the story, it felt very new and interesting. Immediately we started the movie. This is Vijay’s second film in our production after Dear Comrade. Hesham Abdul Wahab gave superb music. We are bringing you a good love story on September 1.

DOP G. Murali said – ‘Kushi’ is the second Telugu film I have done after Andala Rakshasi. This is a cute lovable film. After watching this movie, you will come out with a good feeling. Happy to work with director Shiva garu. Thanks to Mythri Movie Makers for giving me this opportunity. Ravi and Cherry treat me like a brother. I want to work for more films in Telugu after this film.

Music Director Hesham Abdul Wahab said – I got the opportunity to work for the movie ‘Kushi’ at a time when I was thinking that music should reach everyone. One day I got a call from Mythri. He asked me to come to Hyderabad immediately. When I came and heard the story, I went into an emotion. Director Siva Garu and I worked very hard to give music that will be remembered forever for this movie. We traveled for two years for this film. Today, music lovers are celebrating the songs of ‘Kushi’ like a magix. The applause and appreciation coming to the music of this film is not mine alone but the whole team’s.

Producer Naveen Yerneni said – Thanks to all of you who are supporting the movie ‘Kushi’. Director Siva and hero Vijay gave us an opportunity to make this film in our production. You heard how good the songs are. We are going to release the movie ‘Kushi’ on September 1. We will do a grand musical comcert on August 15. Thanks to all our team for making ‘Kushi’ so beautiful.

Director Shiva Nirvana said – I have been traveling with ‘Kushi’ for two years. I was exposed to many emotions during this process. We shot this movie in many beautiful places of the country. The shooting of the movie stopped once in the middle. In this entire journey I have not faced any problem with my team. From assistant directors to hero Vijay, everyone supported me. After watching Arjun Reddy’s movie, I fell in love with Vijay. I have shown all that love in this movie. You will have seen some of that love in the trailer. Samantha is my favorite actress. I like her way of understanding the story and character. This is my fourth film. I haven’t met audience through theater after Majili. That stayed with me a lot. I am going to show my love to the audience with this movie. Love and celebration are both happen in the film ‘Kushi’. I love Mani Ratnam sir’s movies. Every time I go to Kashmir, It feels like he’sin there in kashmir..

Hero Vijay Devarakonda said – Thanks to the media friends and fans of different states who came to participate in the trailer launch of the movie ‘Kushi’. We want to share more about our movie with you. This is an amazing film. A cute love story. Audience across the country will connect with our story. This movie is related to our traditions, family ties and marriage system. Happy to be a part of such a film. Now we are getting a chance to show our stories across the country. I feel lucky and honored to be a hero in such a time. Mutual understanding and sharing of love, these two qualities a life partner should have. We should support each other in times of trouble. Only then will bonds stand. I have lost interest in love stories. I felt Kushi story was amazing after hearing the narration. It got me interested in acting in love stories again. We are all fans of Mani Ratnam sir. We love his movies very much. Once upon a time no one would talk to me about marriage. But lately, seeing my friends getting married and their lives, I have developed liking for marriage. Marriage is an important chapter in life. I will also enter that chapter. There are many directors I like in Tamil. Gautham Vasudev Menon, Captain Miller Director Arun, Vetri Maaran, Pa Ranjith. If I get a chance, I will definitely do a film with them. I want to do films in Malayalam as well. But after learning to speak Malayalam, I will make a movie there. I never thought I would become an actor. If I had known, I would have learned all the Pan India languages. I got busy now, there is no time to study. At the time of shooting half of ‘Kushi’, Samantha’s health was not good. We thought we should wait for her not six months but a year. Even if it takes ten years for her to be cured, we wanted to change this story and make a film after ten years. We know Samantha’s contribution to this movie. But no matter how many difficulties, she came and completed the film. Action movies are chosen for Pan India. Love is the same in everyone’s life. We wanted to show that rooted love story pan India wise. I have no intention of doing web series. I don’t like titles before names. That’s why we put The Vijay Devarakonda in the titles of this movie.