Teaser launch of Our Movie PekaMedalu Chief guest hero Vishwaksen


‘PekaMedalu’ is a film directed by Neelagiri Mamilla, starring Vinod Kishan and Anusha Krishna of ‘Na Peru Shiva’ and ‘Andagaram’ fame. It is known that Sethupathi gained recognition in the film ‘Baahubali’ and 2019, the film ‘Evvarikee Cheppoddu ‘ Under the banner of Crazy Ants Productions was self-produced. The teaser of the film ‘Peka Medalu’ produced by him was released in Hyderabad on Wednesday. VishwakSen, who was present as the chief guest, released the teaser.

Vishwaksen said, “It is a pleasure to become a producer while acting as Rakesh Ytakar. That pleasure is very happy. If our will is strong we can achieve anything. The hero of this film will act with the eyes of Vinod. Now he is playing an important role in the film I am doing. The posters and teasers of this movie are amazing. All the best to Rakesh. I believe that there will be a success. Coming to films… I will give updates about my two films next week. I will give them a surprise along with them. I want to say one thing, especially on this platform. People like me, even if they are small heroes, are busy with their work and sometimes cannot give time to anyone. Stories cannot be heard. Any hit movie in Telugu has a majority of people who enjoy it. There are very few people who cry. I’ve had a few memes on me recently. I didn’t have time to tell the story… I didn’t hear it. That was the answer that came out of my mouth if a man didn’t want to sit down and deny it for an hour. Starting as a small film, the film became a big hit and enjoyed it. When the trailer of the film came out, I was the first to react in the directors’ group. I have to do that picture. But could not. If our film is good, it should be something that raises its head. Don’t insult anyone that our movie is good. That one made me feel sad” he said.

Producer Rakesh Varre said : That he made this film three years after the release of “Don’t tell anyone what I Did as a Hero”, but he made this film as a producer. Whoever wanted to help me with my first film, they didn’t. Could the film be released with the support of upcoming directors Sasikiran Thikka, Rahul Sankrityan, Tarun Bhaskar and directors like Sukumar, and Koratala Siva? A film that was supposed to be shot in three days played for 30 days. Now the same movie has become one of the popular movies on Netflix. When I was thinking about what to do next, the story of ‘Peka Medalu’ came to me through a friend. I liked it and started this film as a producer instead of a hero. This is a story that takes place in a basti in Hyderabad. We did a workshop for this movie. We made it standard as it was the film coming after the film ‘Ewariki Zedodudu’. A question arose as to why Vishvak was a guest. I like his commitment. He faced many difficulties in the beginning. Everyone wants to be a star. He made himself a star with the film ‘Falaknuma Das’. Which didn’t make him a star. Yakub, who did his first film with Vishvak, is now doing a film with me. Yakub often used to say in the workshop that dedicating should be done as Vishvak. I followed the same. Now when I called him, he unexpectedly came to the teaser release. Vinod and Anusha appt for this film. The movie revolves around both of them. He acted like the best artist.

Director Neelagiri said:
He has done many films as a child artiste. Dixitulugaru is our master. He was interested in directing while still in acting school. Worked as an assistant director under Anees Kuruvilla. That’s when this story came to my mind. What is Basti’s life like? We have made this film with the concept of who is going to make Peka Medalu there. This is a story that everyone faces in life. We believed that if a story like this goes out, it will create a buzz. As soon as Rakesh heard it, he said OK as a producer. Also, a good team has been formed. Hero heroines are appt.

Vinod said that the role I played in the film “Peka Medalu” will stand out forever. This is the offer I got in the second lockdown. Seeing this message through social media, I thought it was fake. But tried. Be a part of the movie. This movie’s journey went beautifully. “Taking a non-Telugu hero in a Telugu film requires a lot of faith,” he said.

Heroine Anusha expressed happiness about the opportunity in the film and wished the film success.

Cast: Vinod Kishan and Anoosha Krishna

Technical Team:

Banner: Crazy Ants Productions
Writer & Director : Neelagiri Mamilla
Producer: Rakesh Varre
Co-producer: Varun Bora
Executive Producer: Ketan Kumar
Line Producer: Anoosha Bora
Cinematography: Haricharan.K
Music: Smaran
Sound Designer: Renganath Ravee
Sound Mixing: Kannan Ganpath
Production Designer: Kranthi Priyam
Editor: Srujan Adusumilli – Hamza Ali
Costume Designer: Meghana Sheshavapuri
Screenplay Writers:Hamza Ali-Sreenivas Ittam-Neelagiri Mamilla
Dialogues & Lyrics : Bhargava Karthik

PR: Madhu V.R