Edaina Jaragachu Movie Review


Movie: Edaina Jaragachu
Genre: Dark Comedy
Cast: Vijaya Raja, Bobby Simha, Pooja Solanki, Shasha Singh, Vennela Kishore and others
Music: Srikanth Pendyala
Producer: Sudarshan
Director: Ramakanth
Release Date:  23, August,2019
Language: Telugu
www.moviemanthra.com Rating: 3/5

Jai (Vijay Raja) plans to make some easy money along with his friends. He works as a recovery agent in a private organization. He falls for Sashirekha (Pooja) in the first sight. In the process, he meets Kali (Bobby Simha) who is a don. Jai gets involved in a problem related to cricket betting. What are the problems? What did Kali do then? What did Jai do to confront Kali? forms the story of the movie.

Vijay Raja who made his debut with this movie is impressive with his skills. He has gained an applause for his performance, especially in love and comedy scenes. Bobby Simha is the perfect choice for the role Kali. The flashback episodes have come out really well in the movie. His look is extraordinary in the film. Shasha Singh is okay and Pooja Solanki has portrayed an engaging performance in the movie. The comedy by Vennela Kishore in the second half is good too. The rest of the film’s cast made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
The music is a major asset for the film. The music director impressed everyone with songs and background score. The editing is neat and so is the cinematography. The sleek visuals helped the movie a lot. The production values are grand. The technical team has given the best for the movie.

Plus Points:
Story Line

Minus Points:
Few Dragged Scenes

Sivaji Rajai who is a popular comedian and character artist in Telugu introduced his son Vijay Raja as a hero to the movie industry. This is his debut movie and Tamil actor Bobby Simha played a very crucial role in the movie. Ramakanth is the director making his debut with the movie. Srikanth Pendyala scored the music. The story has got a super natural point which is very good. The director executed it very well in the movie. There are no routine scenes in the film and the love track is also good. The interval twist is nice and the second half’s tempo is beautiful. The screenplay looks good and the narration is engaging. The comedy scenes worked out well. On the whole, the movie is entertaining.

Punch Line: Engaging and Entertaining Drama