Crazy Uncles team who unveiled our Sankranthi song


Sankranthi is a festival that fills art lights and joy in Telugu logs. Bhogi, Sankranthi, Kanuma and Mukkanuma are all celebrated for four days. ‘Harilo Ranga Hari ..’ are the hymns of the devout Haridas. Colorful mats. Delicious pastries .. flying kites .. chicken races .. these are what we see everywhere during the festival. With the arrival of family members and relatives, the logs of every house are busy. A special anthem titled “Mana Sankranti 2021” was produced by Mr. Boddu Ashok, Chairman, Green Metro in Pro Tech and Projects Pvt. Ltd. The song was recently unveiled by Singer Mano, popular anchor and actress Srimukhi, Raja Ravindra on the set of Crazy Uncles movie.

Famous lyricist Kasarla Shyam provided the meaningful lyrics for the song, which was colorful on famous actors Suhasini and Bhanuchander, while Bholo Shawli and Anjana sang a gentle song. Filled with wallpaper, the song brought a festive atmosphere in advance.

Starring; Suhasini Maniratnam, Bhanuchander, Akshita, Sritik Babu, Parmesh etc.

Technicians List

Lyrics: Kasarla Shyam

Singers: Bhole Shawli, Anjana Soumya

Programming – Mixing: Madan SK

DOP – Editing-DI: Janata Babu

Choreography: Durgesh, Toni Ki

Drone: Suresh Degawat PRO

Music – Concept – Direction: Bhole Shawli

Producer: Sri Boddu Ashok
(Chairman, Green Metro in Tech and Projects Pvt Ltd).

PRO .Rambabu 9848 123 007

Sai Satish