Burj Khalifa Owners Emaar Hosted Allu Arha’s Birthday Party


Icon Staar Allu Arjun has thrown a lavish party to celebrate the birthday of his doting daughter Allu Arha.

Allu Arjun, Sneha, Arha, Ayaan, and other young members of the family flew to Burj Khalifa today to celebrate Arha’s birthday.

Arha’s party was thrown at the tallest level on Burj Khalifa. This level is not open for public and Arha’s birthday party is the first party to be celebrated here.

“Happy Birthday My Lil Princes. I love sooo muchhh na chinna baby 💖. May this year be filled with lots n lots of Colouring , Drawing & Travelling,” Allu Arjun wrote as he wished Arha today.