My mother should always be with me my new name Sai Durga Tej:


Hero Sai Durga Tej stands at the top of the list of actors who have displayed a responsibility towards society, love towards the country and utmost respect towards women. Many service programs have already been conducted under his aegis. The actor also donates some of his earnings to charity. Along with an old age home in Vijayawada, he also took charge of children in a school of over 100 pupils in a village in Telangana.

‘Satya’, a musical short feature in which he acted in the lead role, displays great respect for women and love for soldiers. This musical short feature was produced by Sai Durga Tej’s own company Vijaya Durga Productions under the banner of Dil Raju Productions. Colors Swati acted as his wife in it. Harshit Reddy and Hanshita are its producers.

On the occasion of Women’s Day on Friday, a special show of this film was screened for the media. On this occasion, popular producer Dil Raju said that, last year, the banner was made a stronger force. “We have produced a good short feature ‘Satya’. Sai Dharam Tej always strives to do his part for society. This is a movie in which the entire team along with him wants to do their bit for society. I believe that all our efforts will give good results,” Dil Raju added.

Hero Sai Durga Tej said that there are three great women in his life. “My grandmother Anjana Devi, my mother Vijaya Durga and my younger sister Madhavi are the ones. They are my biggest sources of happiness. When I came to know that this film is being made by my friends director Naveen Vijay Krishna and Harshit, I volunteered with a request to make me a part of such a great film. Naveen brought out a new angle in me through ‘Satya’. The film has been screened in around 25 film festivals so far. Many awards have also been won,” the hero added.

Director Naveen said that it was Harshit’s idea to tell this short feature from the soldier’s point of view. “Sai and I liked the idea and joined the efforts. There are many great women in India. Everyone should know about them. Everyone should know the story of our heroes. Today women are leading in all fields. There is nothing they cannot achieve if they set their mind to it. So far, our film has received 25 international awards at international film festivals where it has been screened,” he added.

Harshit Reddy said that a song given by Shruti Ranjani was the inspiration for this short film. “Naveen and Sai are good friends. We are happy to produce a purposeful feature in our combination with Sai Durga Tej’s banner,” he said. Child actress Sai Tejaswini also participated in this meeting.

*My mother should always be with me:, says Sai Durga Tej*

“Ever since I started her film career, I wanted to start a production company in my mother’s name. That is why I started Vijaya Durga Productions in the name of my mother and produced this film in association with Dil Raju Productions. My mother should always be with me. That is why I am changing my name to Sai Durga Tej from now on,” the Virupaksha actor said.

About Satya:

This short film has been made with a good concept as a tribute to the soldiers who are laying down their lives for the country and to the many mothers, wives, elder sisters and sisters who are behind them. Sai Durga Tej will be seen as a soldier in this. Colors Swati acted as his wife. The love between the husband and wife is shown evocatively in it. Tej’s portrayal of the role of a soldier who loves his wife on the one hand and gives his life for the country on the other hand impresses everyone. This feel-good emotional song is dedicated to all the great women who loved the country and raised great warriors who fought for the country and sacrificed their love for the country. Singer Shruti Ranjani composed the song and penned the lyrics herself.