Bailampudi Movie Review


Film ; Bailampudi

Starring; Harish vinay,Tanishk Rajan, and others

Directed by ; Anil

Produced by ; Brahmananda Reddy

Release date ; 27/7/2019 ;Rating: 3/5

Mass entertainers are always helpful for the audiences in getting the right entertainment. We have seen the extent of success that iSmart Shankar has achieved at the box-office. Now, yet another mass entertainer Bailampudi released at the theatres with a backdrop of Rayalaseema. Harish Vinay, Tanishk Rajan played the lead roles in the film while it is directed by Anil. Brahmananda Reddy is the producer of the movie. Check out the review of the movie here.

The film tells the story of two friends in the Rayalseema region. They live in Bailampudi region. Ravi (Harish) is an Auto driver and Guru Narayan (Brahmananda Reddy) is his Guru. Ravi goes against Guru Narayan one day and he likes Kalyani (Tanishk). This irks Guru and he comes as an obstacle for their love. Ravu then kills Guru Narayan. But before losing life, Guru reveals a secret about Kalyani. What is that? What did Ravi do then? What happens in the end? forms the story of the movie.

Brahmananda Reddy is good as per his character limitations. The performances from all the actors is good. Harish Vinay who played the hero in the film is nice. He impressed with his dances and fights. Tanishk who already did movies is good and has a good scope to become a big heroine in the film industry. The actors who played friends in the movie are good with their comedy. The rest of the cast has given their best.

The music provided by Subhash Anand is good. The music is an asset for the film. The background score also became a huge plus point. The visuals of the movie are impressive and the cinematographer showcased the locations of the movie in an impressive manner. The way the director touched an interesting point in the story is good. The dialogues are decent. The production values are lavish. The story that the director chose has a lot of realistic elements. The approach to the story is good and it will entertain the mass audiences big time. The emotional scenes in the movie are very good.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Slow Narration

Punch Line: Bailampudi is a pakka mass entertainer