Arangetram Review


Cast : Roshan Z, Mustafa Askari, Srinivaas Praban, Pooja , Anirudh T, Laya, Indhu, Srivalli, Vijaya, Sai Sree, Jabardasth SathiPandu
Written & Directed By : Srinivaas Praban
Produced by : Maheswari K
Music : Gideon Katta
Director Of Photography : Buran Shaik ( Saleem )
Editor : Madhu
Production Designer : Ramesh Babu Chinnam ( Gopi )
Costume Designer : RawBobChi
Stunts: Star Malli
Dialogues: Srinivaas Praban
Writer : Srinivaas Praban
Lyrics : Sanjay Ganta;Rating: 3/5

Prabhan (Srinivasa Prabhan) is a painter from a middle class family. Every month a psycho named Ajay (Mustafa Askari) kills a left-handed girl. In this order, Psycho plans to kill a girl named Vaishnavi. The police are chasing Ajay to catch him without committing the murders. In that order, Prabhan meets Psycho along with four others at Vaishnavi’s house. Why did Prabhan and four others meet Psycho in Vaishnavi’s house? What did Prabhan, who was in that house and four others, do when he was captured by the psycho? Who are those four in the house? Why did Psycho Ajay want to kill Vaishnava? Did police officers stop psycho murders? Forms the story of the movie.

Srinivas Prabhan not only took responsibility for the story, screenplay and direction but also played the pivotal role of Prabhan and carried the entire weight of the film. Although Prabhan struggled in terms of acting, he made the story run as a director. Pooja as Meghna is the feel good factor of this movie. Not only in terms of glamour, but also performed well. Mustafa Askari, who played the role of Psycho Ajay, became a special attraction of this movie. Mustafa Askari’s performance as the villain is good. Master Roshan played the role of young Ajay in the flash back. He showed maturity beyond his age in his role. All the other actors in this movie excelled to the extent of their roles.

Technical Aspects:
When it comes to technicians, the music is a special attraction for a debut film. Gideon Katta’s rerecording made the scenes stronger. The song that comes in the flash back is really good. Editing is another attraction of this movie. The editor showed his talent to make the scenes flow smoothly. Buran Shah’s cinematography makes the movie rich. It can be said that art and other departments are a plus to the film to the extent of their scope.

Plus Points:
Production Values

Minus Points:
Few lags

The story and the film starts interestingly with a murder by a psycho. The idea of trapping four people in that house and trapping the psycho seems to be a good twist in the movie. Psycho Ajay’s flash back in the second half and Prabhan’s love story are emotional. The way the climax is handled reflects the talent of the director. The director has well designed the elements of murder mystery, suspense and thriller in the psycho-themed debut movie. The way director Prabhan expands the point written with interesting twists is very good.

Ramesh Babu Chinnam’s production design is not only good but he acted as the co-director of this movie. The film debuted with psycho back drop with murder, suspense and thriller elements. The performance of new actors has become a plus for this movie. The performance of the technical departments made the movie even better. If you go without any expectations, you will love this film.

Punch Line: Well Executed Suspense Thriller