Annapurna Photo Studio Review


Producer: Yash Rangineni
Production Company: BIGBEN CINEMAS
Director: Chendu Muddu
DOP: Pankaj Tottada
Editor: D Venkata Prabhu
Music Director: Prince Henry;Rating: 3/5

‘Annapurna Photo Studio,’ featuring Chaitanya Rao and Lavanya in the lead roles, boasts the tagline “Here beautiful photos are taken.” The film is produced by Yash Rangineni, the uncle of renowned star Vijay Deverakonda, known for producing hits like ‘Pellichoopulu’ and ‘Dear Comrade’ under the banner of Big Ben Cinemas. Directed by Chendu Muddu, who previously helmed ‘O Pittakatha,’ the movie also stars Mihira, Uttara, Vaiva Raghava, Lalit Aditya, and others in significant roles.

The story revolves around Chanti (Chaitanya Rao), who runs a photo studio in the village of Nandagiri and enjoys spending time with his friends. Despite being of marriageable age, Chanti’s parents have not arranged his marriage. However, his life takes a turn when he falls in love with Gautami (Lavanya), a college girl. In an unexpected twist, Chanti saves a girl and finds himself embroiled in a murder case with his friend. An unknown person captures pictures of the incident and blackmails Chanti. Chanti is forced to comply with the blackmailer’s demands to clear himself of the case. The movie unveils the condition imposed upon him, the identity of the unknown person, and the outcome of his love for Gautami.

Chaitanya Rao, known for his role in ’30 Weds 21,’ delivers a convincing performance as a typical village boy. Lavanya, a talented actress from Bhimavaram, impresses with her natural portrayal of Gautami, the girl-next-door character, effortlessly adapting to the accent and language required for the role. Supporting actors like Uttara and Lalit Aditya shine in their respective roles, while Mihira’s portrayal of a foreign girl named Uttara garners praise. Producer Yash Rangineni also makes a memorable appearance as Jagadish, adding to the film’s overall charm.

Technical Aspects:
Director Chendu skillfully weaves a tale inspired by real-life characters and events from his village, creating a relatable experience for audiences from all walks of life. The cinematographer captures the beauty of the rural settings with finesse, showcasing the purity of the bygone era. The music, including the catchy retro beat “Rangamma,” enhances the film’s appeal. The editing keeps the audience engaged, maintaining a tight and gripping narrative.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Few boring points

The narrative is set in the 80s, allowing Director Chendu Muddu to paint a vivid picture of village life, including cultural traditions, superstitions, friendships, and love. The film successfully recreates the nostalgic ambiance of that time, providing a feel-good family entertainer. While lacking in extravagance, the movie evokes a sense of nostalgia and effectively portrays the charm of rural life in the 80s, devoid of advanced technology and communication systems. Producer Yash Rangineni has spared no expense in ensuring the film’s high-quality production. Overall, ‘Annapurna Photo Studio’ promises a delightful family experience, making it a worthwhile choice for audiences.

Punchline: Engaging Family Drama with a nostalgic touch