Youthful Lyrical Song From Jitender Reddy Movie ‘A Aa E Ee U Uu’ lurical song Released


Produced by Muduganti Ravinder Reddy on Muduganti Creations, directed by Virinchi Varma, who became known as a director with Uyyala Jampala and Majnu, Rakesh Varre, who became famous as an actor with films like Baahubali, Evvarikee Cheppoddu, and Peka Medalu, is directed by Virinchi Varma in the lead role. The film is being developed as a political drama based on the real events of 1980s. Vaishali Raj, Rhea Suman, Chatrapathy Shekhar, Subbaraju and Ravi Prakash in other important roles. Earlier, the first look poster and glimpse of the film raised the expectations of the film. Now a youth full lyrical song has been released in this movie.

Many things happened before Arts Science English that should be known. Einstein and Newton are not the same, but there are many such people in our country and this song is played in a college backdrop. Gopi Sundar has given the music for this song while Rambabu Gosala has penned the lyrics and Rahul Sipliganj has sung the song very well. In this lyrical song, the rivalry between the election gangs in the college is shown. In 1980, this movie was made that everyone should know about a man named Jitender Reddy. Jitender Reddy’s services as a college student leader as well as a leader who faces the injustices happening in his area are shown in this movie.

On this occasion, producer Mudiganti Ravinder Reddy said: When the first look poster of this movie was released, expectations about the movie increased. The recently released glimpse are impressing the audience. Now through this song the youth will connect well. He said that the audience will definitely like this movie.

Starring: Rakesh Varre, Vaishali Raj, Rhea Suman, Chhatrapati Shekhar, Subbaraju, Ravi Prakash

Technical Team:
Director : Virinchi Verma
Producer: Muduganti Ravinder Reddy
Co-Producer : Uma Ravinder
Executive Producer : Vanishree Podugu
DOP: V. S. Gnan Shekhar
Music Director : Gopi Sundar
PRO : Madhu VR