Girls give your dance auditions at film chambe and get your membership: Anee Master at Dancer Association media conference


Telugu Film and TV Dancers Association held a media conference on Friday. There is a shortage of dancers and the union organization has asked all talented dancers to give auditions. Auditions will be held at Film Chamber on 20th, 21st and 22nd of this month. Telugu Film and TV Dancers Association has been active for 33 years. The association has now decided to give new membership to dancers. In this order, the members of this union came forward to the media said.

Anee Master said, ‘I have worked as an assistant to many people here. We are doing auditions here from 20th of this month. Those who are interested come and join as members. Now our dance masters are excelling at national level. This industry is what girls are afraid of but I assure you there is no need to fear. Nithing comes easily for us, we have to fight hard. We need lady dancers and lady choreographers. Come and audition at Film Chamber on July 20th, 21st and 22nd. After that, you can become famous like Johnny Master, Shekhar Master, Anee Master.

Donors Association President H. Chandrasekhar said, “All talented dancers should give auditions. So far we have 130 masters and 500 dancers in the industry. There are 200 non-memberships. We are conducting auditions for three days and I request that everyone to take advantage of it.

Telugu Film Federation president Vallabhaneni Anil Kumar said, “‘Our Telugu film industry is growing a lot. Our dancers are also excelling at National and international level. This union is trying to bring new talent to the industry. All those who are interested please give auditions. We also support them. Those with talent don’t get a platform like this, so I request you to use this platform.

Founder Somaraju said, ‘There are four main reasons for starting this association. We have been thinking to start it from 1984. We used to hold discussions with Noka Raju. Nukka Raju, Somaraju, KD Prabhakar Rao and Venkatesh and they are like four pillars of this organization. Since then we have grown step by step and reached this level. Now our organization is known at national level. Our choreographers work is being seen in all languages. This organization has been running successfully for more than 35 years. We have undertaken this program to invite some more dancers to take it next level.

Paul Master said, ‘It is because of the support of the media that we have risen to such a height. Dancers have a bright future in our industry. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity.

Prakash Master said, ‘The media has helped us a lot in our thirty years journey. Johnny Master, Shekhar Master, Ganesh Master and others should come here today. But it did not come because they were busy with shoots. But they will all be there during the auditions. Those who are interested should come and give auditions.

Sridhar Reddy said, ‘Currently the demand for our dancers is high. Hundreds of dancers are required for each song. Dancers are also in demand in the form of events. We don’t have any branches. Come to Film Chamber and give auditions.’

Bhanu Master said, ‘Anyone who is interested in dancing can also give auditions. Audition will be held for three days. Come and get the member card,’ he said.

Yash Master said, ‘Even after doing reality shows, they gave me a card quickly. We now have a growing number of dancers. Dancers have to be brought from outside. Those who are interested should take advantage of this opportunity by giving auditions.

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