Unique love film “True Lover” trailer launched grandly, releasing on February 10th


The movie “True Lover,” starring Manikandan, Sri Gauri Priya, and Kanna Ravi in lead roles, is produced by Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian, and Yuvraj Ganesan under the banners of Million Dollar Studios and MRP Entertainment. Directed by Prabhuram Vyas, it is presented as a unique love story. Star director Maruthi and successful producer SKN are serving as presenters for this movie in Telugu, under the banner of Maruthi Team Production and Mass Movie Makers. The movie is set for a grand theatrical release on the 10th of this month. Today, the trailer of “True Lover” was released in a grand event in Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Writer Rakendu Mouli remarked, “True Lover is a must-watch movie for the current generation. It contains elements that they can easily relate to. I recently wrote the Telugu dialogues for a movie called ‘Animal.’ I believe the dialogues I wrote for this movie are even better, partly because Manikandan is my friend. He himself did the Telugu dubbing for this movie. After watching it, you’ll find yourself thinking about it for at least ten minutes.”

Producer Vamsi Nandipati stated, “SKN and Maruthi previously delivered a blockbuster called ‘Baby’ under the banner of Mass Movie Makers. Now, they are presenting ‘True Lover’ to us. I hope this movie becomes as big a hit as ‘Baby.’ Manikandan played a key role in ‘Jai Bheem,’ and his performance is commendable. We all want this movie to succeed.”

Heroine Sri Gauri Priya shared, “We used to watch movies in this multiplex. We’re thrilled to release the trailer of our movie ‘True Lover’ here. Our movie ‘Lover’ in Tamil is coming to the Telugu audience as ‘True Lover.’ We fell in love with the movie while making it. The Telugu audience has a refined taste, and good movies will definitely be appreciated. We’re delighted that Maruthi and SKN are releasing this movie. Watch ‘True Lover’ in theaters on the 10th of this month.”

Producer S KN said, “The excitement we felt watching ‘Baby’ is what we experienced during some scenes of ‘True Lover.’ If we believe in any film by Maruti, we commit to it wholeheartedly, and we believe in this movie. Despite Director Maruti being busy with a pan-India film featuring Raja Saab, he ensured the Telugu script of this film was well-crafted along with overseeing the remaining work. Manikandan has become one of the renowned heroes in Telugu cinema coming from Tamil. This movie will also bring fame to Sri Gauri Priya, who has been successful in films like ‘Writer Padmabhushan’ and ‘Mad’ here. She’s a talented actress. The dialogues by Rakendu Mouli are exceptional. After watching the first copy of ‘True Lover,’ my friend Bunny Vas decided to distribute the movie, liking it immensely. We’re hosting premiere shows two days in advance for all the true lovers. Anyone who is in love or wishes to be will enjoy this movie. It’s a habit for our Telugu audience to appreciate good films in any language, and I hope ‘True Lover’ will be successful. We are remaking ‘Baby’ in Hindi and Tamil. Expect a Valentine’s Day update for the Bollywood remake of ‘Baby.'”

Hero Manikandan said, “From Kollywood, actors like Surya, Karthi, and Vishal have been embraced by the Telugu audience. I am confident of your support for a good film. Many Telugu viewers who have seen my films ‘Good Night’ and ‘Jaibheem’ have shown their love through social media. A special thanks to my friend Rakendu Mouli for teaching me Telugu and dubbing training. We all loved working on this movie. ‘True Lover’ will appeal not just to the youth but also to family audiences. Please come to the theaters on the 10th of this month to watch our movie.”

Director Maruti said, “Watching ‘True Lover’ brought back memories of my early films like ‘Bus Stop.’ Since then, I’ve been excited to work on the ‘Raja Saab’ movie with Prabhas. It’s often said that girls can easily handle pain in love, but the pain experienced by boys is indescribable. A lover always worries about who their beloved is with or where they are going, fearing someone else might win them over. There’s nothing wrong with girls having friendships and speaking freely. No one is at fault in this movie. It explores the lengths a lover will go to save their love amidst challenges. Director Prabhuram Vyas has made this story touch the heart, having worked on the script for six years, possibly drawing from his own experiences, as the scenes are perfectly executed. We hope the Telugu audience will not miss ‘True Lover.’ The reason I’m here today is due to the love for movies that started in those days. Ever since, if a good love story emerges in any language, the audience has embraced it, and ‘True Lover’ is one such film. Bring your lovers to this movie; you won’t need to express your pain. They will understand after watching this movie for two hours. We will surely give an update about ‘Raja Saab.’ I can’t forget the support from Prabhas’ fans and promise that ‘Raja Saab’ will exceed your expectations.”

Actors – Manikandan, Sri Gauri Priya, Kanna Ravi, Saravanan, Geetha Kailasam, Harish Kumar, Nikhila Shankar, Rini, Pintu Pandu, Arunachaleswaran etc.

Technical team

Art – Raj Kamal
Costumes – Nava Rajkumar
Editing – Bharat Vikraman
Cinematography – Shreyas Krishna
Music – Sean Roldan
Telugu Dialogues – Mouli
Creative Producer – Vijay MP
Executive Producer – Harish Durairaj
Production Controller – Bala Murugan
Production Executive – Good Night R Nagarajan
PRO – GSK Media
Banners – Million Dollar Studios, MRP Entertainment
Producers – Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian, Yuvraj Ganesan
Telugu Release – Mass Movie Makers, Maruti Team Production
Presenters – Maruti, S K
Written and Directed by – Prabhuram Vyas