“Ambajipeta Marriage Band” audience proved our faith by giving blockbuster success: team at success press meet


At the start of this year, the movie “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” became another super hit in Tollywood. Featuring Suhas and Shivani Nagaram in lead roles, the film is a joint production by GA2 Pictures, Venkatesh Maha’s Mahayana Motion Pictures, and Dheeraj Mogilineni’s Entertainment banners. Directed by Dushyant Katikeni, Sharanya Pradeep and Nithin played key roles. The success meet for “Ambajipeta Marriage Band,” which is proving to be a blockbuster both domestically and overseas, was held in Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Actor Trinadh stated, “I portrayed a significant character named Erranna in this movie. Many artists in this film have delivered strong performances, all thanks to our director Dushyant’s talent. I wish ‘Ambajipet Marriage Band’ even greater success.”

Actress Divya expressed, “‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ is not just a film to be remembered for a few days, but for years. Director Dushyant offered me a significant role. Shivani and Suhas were very supportive and friendly during the shoot. The audience has appreciated the performances of Shivani, Suhas, and Nithin in theaters. Congratulations to the entire team.”

Editor Pawan Kalyan remarked, “I am thankful to have been part of such a wonderful film. Our editing room was always lively with Bunny Vas and Sandeep around. It was a privilege to work with Suhas, and Shivani has become a star with this movie. Congratulations to all the artists and the technical team who worked alongside me.”

Cinematographer Wajid Baig said, “This is my debut movie. I would like to thank Geetha Arts and Dheeraj for believing in me and giving me a chance as a cinematographer. Everyone who worked on this movie collaborated as a team. Suhas brother will always be an inspiration to me.”

Actor Nithin stated, “I think ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ has fulfilled the desire of those who want good content movies, similar to those in Tamil and Malayalam, to be made in Telugu as well. Visiting theaters and seeing the response to this movie has been very gratifying. They have proved that Suhas is not just a hero but a good actor. The characters of Shivani and Sharanya elevate the story.”

Heroine Shivani expressed, “Congratulations to our producer Dheeraj for the hit with ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’. He deserves many more successes. After my parents, I am indebted to our director Dushyant. He introduced me as a heroine with a hit movie. This good movie came about today because of Suhas. I wish for Suhas’s continued success. Not just the lead pair, but all the other artists received acclaim. Thanks to everyone who supported our film.”

Director Dushyanth remarked, “It’s not enough to write such stories; we need people who have the courage to produce them. Geetha Arts, Dheeraj, and Bunny Vas took that risk. Thanks to the hero Suhas, who believed in the story along with the producers. Everyone who has seen the movie is talking about every scene. From the hero-heroine breakup scene to the police station scene, everything is memorable. The audience is asking many questions through social media, like ‘Why didn’t you kill the villain?’ It is a story between pride and self-love. We have conveyed in this movie that suicide is not a solution to problems. The audience, especially those with sisters, is getting emotional. Thanks to the audience for supporting our film so much. Thanks to Suhas, Shivani, Nithin, Sharanya, and all the team who supported in the making.”

Producer Dheeraj Mogilineni said, “DJ Tillu and Baby, movies I co-produced, were hits by the time ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ came out. Some asked why I chose this film after such big films, noting they are different genres. In my view, ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ is a genuine movie. I felt the same when I first heard the story. Despite suggestions to cast a star hero, I believed Suhas was perfect for this role. We are satisfied to have given a platform to many newcomers. Along with myself, Suhas, and director Dushyanth, the audience placed their trust in this film. Thanks to all of them. We’ve held special shows in the two Telugu states and interacted with audiences who watched it. We’re grateful for director Sai Rajesh’s support. From script to the first copy, we’ve been careful to avoid any controversy regarding caste insult in this movie.”

Hero Suhas said, “Thanks to the audience for giving me a hat-trick. I’m happy that your faith in me brings you to theaters. Even before the movie’s release, Dheeraj and I believed we were making a hit. Today, I’m glad that belief has proven true. In this movie, not just the hero, but other characters are also important. That’s the strength of this script. Even if others perform well, the hero receives the acclaim for the film’s success. I’d like to thank every team member of ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’. Anurag and Sarath are unforgettable in my life. Teja Kakumanu was our teacher. I always aim to grow, and Teja Kakumanu is a big reason for the acclaim my acting has received. With good collections in just three days, we aim for a bigger hit. Tours start tomorrow. See you all.”