V. Samudra garu, in TFDA election panel meeting


On the occasion of Telugu Film Directors Association 2024 elections V. Samudra panel convened an important meeting with their manifesto. In this meeting, they came up with a plan of what to do in the future through TFDA if their panel is elected. In this meeting, director V. Samudra, Maddineni Ramesh, Madhusudan Reddy and Kasturi Srinivas participated.

On this occasion, director V. Samudra said: I have made 18 films as a director out of which 12 have become hits. About 170 associate directors and assistant directors were introduced to the industry from me. Now, I am contesting as president in the TFDA 2024 elections. I am contesting with the idea of serving everyone and doing good, but not with the desire for leadership. Mother should be happy if we are born, father should be happy if we grow up, society should celebrate if we live. He said that if you vote for me in this TFDA election and make the panel win, I will fulfill the responsibilities that I have undertaken as the President as promised in our manifesto.

Maddineni Ramesh said: This time I am contesting on behalf of V. Samudra Panel as general secretary. In the past, I have progressed step by step in the director’s association as an EC member, as an organization treasurer, and as a general secretary. I have not been in the community for six years. Again now our panel came up with V. Samudra being elected as the president and is competing in the TFDA community. Three panels are competing like never before. He said that if our panel wins, we will fulfill the promises given in the manifesto.

Madhusudan Reddy said: I am contesting as treasurer. The members from TFDA in the past were treated very respectfully. He said that our panel will take it forward without reducing it or degrading it, and we will ensure that good happens to all through fundraising. So our panel fulfills the promises given in the manifesto if you vote for us.

Kasturi Srinivas said: I am contesting as joint secretary in the V. Samudra panel. This meeting is only to tell us about our future activities. The rest of the panels are also like our family members. In the case of cinema, it was introduced to the world but the situation in the system remains the same as in the past. We will definitely do what we can do on behalf of our panel keeping the problems in mind.