The post-production work of ‘WHO’ has been completed.


The shooting of this film has been completed recently and the post production programs like dubbing, editing and so on have been completed. On this occasion, film producer Reddamma K Balaji said that JD Chakraborty’s self-directed emotional thriller movie ‘WHO’ has been made in Telugu and Kannada languages. It is a suspense thriller movie based on the story of 6 murders. Currently, the post-production programs are completed and it will be ready for censor. In terms of music, this film is definitely impressive. The makers of this film said that they are preparing to release this film at the end of this month. ~
Music: Ishwar Chand
Editing: JD Chakraborty
Camera: MB Allikatti
Visual Effects: Chandu
Producer: Reddamma Balaji K
Directed by: JD Chakraborty
PRo : B.Veerababu