Sashi movie review


Film: Sashi
Release date : March 19, 2021
Starring : Aadi, Surbhi Puranik
Director : Srinivas Naidu Nadikatla
Producer : R.P. Varma & Ramanjaneyulu & Chintalapudi Srinivas
Music Director : Arun Chiluveru
Cinematography : Amarnadh Bommireddy (D.F. Tech)
Editor : Satya G Rating: 3/5

Raj (Aadi Saikumar) is a carefree person who doesn’t care anything in life. He’s very much dependent on his family. Raj has an interest in music and this is also the time, he comes across Sashi (Surabhi). Raj loves Sashi and falls in love with her. However, after some time, Sashi falls into problems and Raj is involved too. What did he do? How will they come out of it? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

Aadi Sai Kumar has done very well in his job. With this film, he has improved a ton in his exhibitions. His job had a good degree for him to perform and Aadi did well in his character which had a ton of varieties. He’s the best in the movie. The heroine Surabhi was excellent and demonstrated that she isn’t only a lovely face yet can likewise act well. She performed extremely well in the movie. There’s another heroine in the film. Raasi Singh likewise did well in her job. She was very acceptable altogether the strained scenes of the film. Comedians Harsha and Vennela Kishore do well in their jobs. Rajeev Kanakala and his character are additionally acceptable to see on screen.

Technical Aspects:
The music of the film is a success and the tunes shot were likewise acceptable. The BGM is fair as were the conversations in the film. The creation estimations of this film are additionally acceptable alongside the smooth camerawork. The film’s director Srinivas has his story thought which is acceptable and however his portrayal is good and excessively noteworthy. The technical team did extremely well and impressed everyone.

Plus Points:
Camera work

Minus Points:
Few drags in second half

All in all, Sashi is a heartfelt show that has a good story. In any case, the portrayal is nice and the contention point is reasonably solid. Because of this, the scenes look good. The contention point is additionally incredible and is featured well by all means. The character circular segments of the lead pair are not excessively solid and might have been written in a more successful way. Overall, Sashi is a heartfelt dramatization that has a nice story. Excepting the strong exhibitions of the lead pair, this film has a lot to grandstand and finishes as a carefully alright watch this end of the week. The movie holds the interest of the audiences. In the end, the film is good enough to keep the audiences hooked.

Punch Line: Sashi is an emotional romantic entertainer!