Rudramkota Film Review


Film: Rudramkota
Release Date: 22 September 2023
Language: Telugu
Genre: Drama
Director: Ramu Kona
Writer: Ramu Kona, Sri Ranga
Cinematography: Adimalla Sanjeev
Music: Subhash Anand, U V Niranjan
Producer: Anil Arka;Rating: 3/5

Set in the quaint village of Rudramkota, “Rudramkota” revolves around Kotamma (played by Jayalalitha), the village head who ardently supports love and ensures that couples in love tie the knot. Simultaneously, Kotamma is vehemently opposed to illicit relationships within the village, with the penalty for such transgressions being execution, carried out by Rudra (played by Anil Kandavalli). The story takes a dark turn when a group of youngsters arrives in the village and commits a heinous crime. Now, Kotamma faces a dilemma, and Rudra must deal with the ensuing chaos, while Kotamma’s granddaughter becomes embroiled in the unfolding events.

Veteran actress Jayalalitha makes a strong comeback to the big screen, commanding respect in her role. Anil Kandavalli, who plays Rudra, delivers a fine performance, despite a somewhat shaky start, excelling in his emotional moments in the latter part of the film. Alekhya, portraying Dhrithi, impresses with her role. Her appearance and on-screen presence are handled adeptly, making her small role impactful.

Technical Aspects:
Sanjeev’s cinematography beautifully captures the essence of the small-town setting, while the production design and lyrics are praiseworthy. However, the editing leaves much to be desired. “Rudramkota” relies heavily on its earthy characters to provide a fresh perspective, but it leaves one wondering if more seasoned actors could have brought out emotions more effectively. Subhash Anand and Niranjan’s music is decent, and the background score is adequate.

Plus Points:
Production Values

Minus Points:
Few boring scenes

“Rudramkota” delves into the disturbing underbelly of small-town life, where heinous crimes are committed in the name of lust. Director Ramu Kona deserves credit for choosing such a challenging setting where the crimes are particularly appalling. The film effectively explores the mindset of small-town residents and their perception of broad-minded women, delivering a gripping narrative. The intriguing introductions of Kotamma and Jayalalitha’s characters pique the audience’s curiosity about how this unique theme will evolve over the next two hours. In conclusion, “Rudramkota” is a rustic village drama crafted by a young and ambitious team. If you have an inclination for village dramas, “Rudramkota” is worth a watch.

Punchline: Intriguing Rural Village Drama